10 alarming emotional signs of a controlling boyfriend

8. He Dictates To You

A controlling guy will usually tell you outright what you need to do. He will say that he does not want you to do something. Or, he might tell you that are too “stupid” to get that promotion. Yet, do not bother. If you find that your actions and movements are always being dictated by that man, you should get away from him. It will not get better. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

9. You Do Not What You Want After Being Around With Him

You find yourself asking for the permission from him to do anything. You lose your own freedom and assume he is such the best thing in your life. Your entire life revolves around him. And, he makes you believe that he is the only one who could make you happy. Surprisingly, you believe it too.

10. Nice Face

A few controlling guys are more subtle and put a “nice” face on. That means that appear to people around that he prioritizes your own interests first and from heart, yet are really steering all the things you do.

Remember that a relationship should not change the person who you really are. You are the only one who can change yourself. Just watch out for these subtle warning signs of a controlling boyfriend and put an end to it as soon as it overwhelms you.

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