10 undeniable signs of a one-sided relationship

When being in love, it could be hard to pay attention to anything else but the person you fall in love with. When you are in love, it is very normal to want to do all possible things you could to make your special partner happy. You may finally end up with opening your heart back up to vulnerability, and you may be excited to take that risk to let yourself be completely open to someone new. You find yourself and also making yourself more available to that significant other. You are willing to drop almost things you are doing in order to be your partner’s side. A large number people have been blinded whilst they are enamored with another special person, and it could be hard to being themselves back to the reality. However, when the time goes, you start to realize that you are always the one who puts in all of the work and are afraid of ending up with a one-sided relationship.

Well, if you think that you might be in a one-sided relationship, you may want to consider failing out of that love before continuing down a painful, long, heartbreaking road. To help you decide the state of your relationship, we reveal some undeniable and subtle signs of a one-sided relationship that you may overlook. This article, made by Wikiyeah.com, refers some information introduced in Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

Signs Of A One-Sided Relationship – 10 Clear Red Flags

Signs of a one-sided relationship

1. You Are Always The One Who Makes Plan

In this busy society, it is difficult to make sure that you two can get enough time together. Even though two of you are a part of your relationship, you are always the one who makes all plans, be it checking with your partner for what suits their own schedule, preparing for a date somewhere. Even worse, your partner does not care too much in choosing an activity or a place. You are totally left to do as your wants. Your partner does not involve in anything. A balanced relationship is always associated with “give” and “take”. But, if you are always the one who makes all plans, then it is time to call it quit.

2. You Are Always Available For Them, But You Couldn’t Rely On Them When You Need

Are you too available for them? If you’re not sure, then you had better check out some signs of being too available in your relationship. Fact is, being too available is among subtle signs of a one-side relationship. You always make your precious time for them and they are your priority. When they need you, you are always being there for them. Yet, in contrast, when you need their help, you could not find them anywhere. To explain in simple words, they are taking you for granted.

3. You Initiate Almost Communication

This is one of clearest signs of a one-sided relationship. You are always the only one who sends the texts first, you makes the phone calls first and put in the attempt to see one another. If you do not initiate any communication first, a few days can go by without even exchanging a word.

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4. You Feel Uncomfortable About Opening Up To Them

Emotional closeness is a factor of a sincere relationship. When you are in a mutual relationship, you feel comfortable about telling your secrets to your partner. That kind of honesty can make each other feel more loved and secured. If you feel that your sharing of intimate details with them just gives them some type of leverage to defend against you, your partner could not be trusted.

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