10 undeniable signs of a one-sided relationship

5. They Always Choose Their Friends Over You

Of course, you could not be together all the time because you all have your own personal life, apart from the relationship. But, when they feel like going out, they do not invite you to come along. When they feel they like spending a night in, you do not get an invite to that, either. Your partner prefers spending time with their friends, leaving you alone at home and asking yourself what you did wrong. If you try to locate the problem, they will instantly accuse you of begging or nagging.

If your significant other makes you feel that being with you is like an obligation instead of something they are willing to do, perhaps, you should get out of that relationship.

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6. You Feel A Need To Apologize Them For Things You Shouldn’t Apologize For

When it comes to signs of a one-sided relationship, this signal is often undervalued. They definitely love you when you are at your best, yet when you are not as good as they hope, they tend to kick you down. For them, you are not allowed to get mad, feel down or hurt. If you feel a little differently now and then, you better apologize for that strange feeling. That is because you just act as the way they want you to. When you are in a one-sided relationship, your partner will be probably a master of making you feel bad for things that you have no reason to worry over, like needing to talk about something emerging in your mind or getting emotional. That is also a sign of emotional abuse.

Part of being in a relationship is being there for the significant person when life is not smooth. You should never apologize when looking for the support of your partner.

7. You Feel An Urge Of Justifying Their Behavior To Your Friends Or Family

This sign is sneaky. If you are in a one-sided relationship, you may feel a need to justify your significant other’s behavior for not showing up to family dinner, for not doing anything for your birthday, or for getting angry over some trivial matters.

You continuously make excuses for the reason they treat you the way they do. You have to reassure your family or friends (and yourself as well) that this relationship is acceptable and right for you.
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