10 undeniable signs of a one-sided relationship

8. You Constantly Feel Stressed Out

If you are in a one-sided relationship, you tend to be constantly worrying that your relationship is one the edge of falling apart. You try too hard to show them that how much you love them and annoy them while doing so.

Of course, you should take time to review and reflect on your relationship and evaluate the aspects needed to be worked on, but it does not mean you should over-analyze all the things possible to the near point of getting stress. Knowing where you are standing is good, yet when all you conclude is something that isn’t just right, and needs to be fixed, then it is so much that you alone could fix. If your partner makes you feel insecure and stressed out, you should not be in that relationship.

9. You Think So Much Before Asking Them To Go On Date With You

You want to go to a concert but you cannot ask your friends to accompany with you. Yet when thinking about asking your partner, you feel hesitated, even bad. That is what your partner is for. They are the one you could count on to accompany with you to the event that you would feel bad asking your friends to go with. When other people say no, you go to them.

10. You Try To Invite Them Into Your Own Life And Make Them A Part Of It, But They Make No Effort

You invite your partner to go to the house of your parents for dinner. Sometimes, they agree, sometimes they don’t. Yet, one thing in common is that they never seem get excited about it. They never make any effort to incorporate you into their own lives. Instead of returning the favor, they do not act interested in your endeavors. You know little about their family, friends even though you want. Sometimes, it feels like you are living two separate lives that are almost not overlap each other.

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