15 clear and subtle signs of a soulmate you have found

6. You Share The Same Future Vision

This is a big sign among many signs of a soulmate. Even when your couple has all of the other soulmate signs, without this sign, you might not be destined for each other. If you love to live in a big city while your partner loves to live in a rural area, then it is hard for your relationship work in the long run. In order to be lifetime partners, you two need to agree on what life built together will look like.

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7. Having Frank Conversations Is Not A Challenge To You

Conversations could be challenging for many couples. However, for soulmates, it is not a big problem. Expressing concerns or trying to make decisions is not comfortable at all. However, soulmates acknowledge that if they are being with each other, they can work it out.

8. You Do Not Curse, Or Threaten Each Other With Breakup Or Divorce

Of course, when people feel anger, they will hurt each other unintentionally. However, soulmates are not hurtful, punitive towards each other.

9. You Are Comfortable Being Yourself

This is one of the earliest signs of a soulmate you could watch for. Many soulmates say that they feel comfortable when being around each other. They never feel more secure in opening up to somebody else.

Soulmates feel empathy for the flaws and vulnerability of each other. It is easy for them to open up to each other as they feel secure because they know that they are loved and respected. True soulmates have the deep levels of emotional intimacy and this connection seems to draw them towards each other right from the early stage of the relationship.

10. Intercourse Experience Is Amazing

The reason is rather simple. Because soulmates have a deep connection, physical intimacy between them is destined to have higher intensity in compared with other couples. [MORE: 5 big signs of compatibility in a relationship]

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