15 clear and subtle signs of a soulmate you have found

11. You Feel Each Other’s Pain

Soulmates stand in one another’s shoes. They know each other well, that the second their partner walks in the door, they could tell how his/her day was. They feel each other’s emotions and feelings: worry, sadness, and stress. They share joy and happiness as well.

12. You Know How To Apologize

To be honest, it is totally not easy to say, “I am sorry” or admit of doing something that hurts someone you love. However, for soulmates, they realize that their words and actions cause harm. Even when they feel justified in their viewpoint, if their partner was influenced by it, they could apologize for what they have caused.

13. You Are Not Afraid To Be Apart

The relationship between soulmates is rock solid. The connection between soulmates makes them feel secure in their relationship, even if they are not together. One of the sure-fire signs of a soulmate is that, soulmates understand that they will come back to each other no matter what.

This allows those soulmates to spend time apart from one another without feeling worried about their love or letting jealousy attack their mind. Whether it is hanging out separated with friends, spending time living long distance, having a business journey, soulmates can let each other do the best things for their personal life, knowing that distance could just be temporary.

14. You Complete One Another

Your partner will fill in your shortages. No one is perfect. You also have strong and weak points.  Soulmates complete one another. It is a harmony. One partner might be introvert while the other is extrovert. One might be a homebody whilst the other might be social. Soulmates are usually opposite that are attracted to the one having their missing pieces.

15. You Could Not See Yourself With Another Person

Even after trying, you could still not imagine what your own life would be like without that person. Physically, the thought of breaking up or being apart forever is painful.

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