13 warning signs of an abusive relationship to watch for

You are living in such a beautiful world which is flooded with romance. You love your partner and your partner too. Yet, when you find a way to seep into your romance, then it is no longer a beautiful relationship anymore.

So, what is an abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship is a relationship between the two people, where one individual controls and also dominates the other individual in different manners, be it emotionally, physically, sexually, or economically. Specifically, the abusive person can dominate the left on in one of these manners or in all of them. And, as it begins slowly and works itself into the relationship, it might be hard to see the signals of an abusive lover even when you are neck deep in the abuse already.

Yet, remember that you cannot change an abusive partner. They just can change only if they truly believe they need to change. If you try to change an abusive partner by confronting him/her, he/she might get more aggressive and abusive.

What do you do if you do not see the signs of an abusive relationship? If you feel like you are in an abusive relationship whether in a small or huge way, read these self reflecting signs of an abusive relationship to identify if yours is that – from Wikiyeah.com!

Signs Of An Abusive Relationship – 13 Warning Subtle Signs

Signs of an abusive relationship

1. You Feel Alone

This is considered as one of subtle signs of an abusive relationship. You feel lonely and also helpless when loving that person, all the time. You might be in a happy relationship, yet sometimes you feel weak and powerless in it. [Read: how to not lose yourself in a relationship]

2. You Do Not Ask For Help

When it comes to signs of an abusive relationship, not asking for help is the most noticeable ones. Though people do not always recognize it, they are scared to ask their partner for help. They believe they are not asking for the help because they do not want to bother their partner with their own worries and issues. However, it could be because their partner always makes them feel dumb and small whenever they ask for help. [Read: signs of a bad boyfriend]

3. You Could Not Get Anyone Else

You do not want to leave him/her because you think that you could not get anyone better than him/her. And, you believe that everyone is also bad in closed doors and your current partner is better than anyone else. [Read: how to deal with a jealous boyfriend]

4. Scare Of Anger

When being abused in a relationship, you tend to be scared of the anger of your partner. You do not like confrontations with him/her. You never argue with him/her about anything, and opt for accepting what he/she says. At the same time, you persuade yourself that it is much better to do something behind his/her back rather than confronting him/her. [Read: how to avoid awkward silences during a date]

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