13 warning signs of an abusive relationship to watch for

5. You Continually Convince Yourself

Though you acknowledge your partner has a lot of bad traits, you still try to convince yourself that they also have other better qualities which make up for it. [Read: A guide to rekindle your love – Respark the romance review]

6. He/She Is Unpredictable

An abusive partner is often an unpredictable one. You do not know how your partner will react to what you need to say. Every time you talk to him/her about something, you tend to feel awkward or nervous. [Read: different types of love]

7. You Do Not Want Go Out With Your Partner

You fear hanging out with your partner as you feel afraid of being humiliated in a crowd by them. Also, you realize that your partner likes humiliating and putting you down right in front of other people, and rather than confronting it, you opt for avoid those situations entirely. [Read: how to take a compliment without being awkward]

8. Your Lover Is Manipulative

Your lover often abuses you physically, like yelling at you and treating you badly. Every time you try to face with your lover, he/she gives you the silent treatment or brings up the old problems making you feel helpless or stupid. [Read: reasons why relationship fail]

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