13 warning signs of an abusive relationship to watch for

9. Everybody Thinks You Are Wrong

In fact, among many warning signs of an abusive relationship, this is one of the most overlooked ones. An abusive partner is not just abusive. They are also a good actor. They often pretend to be the victim while being in public. Your lover tells everyone that you are the bad one and they have to live a hard life due to you, your dumb, your stupidity or your attitude. Before you realizing that fact, your lover will persuade everyone that you are bad and people will believe your lover over you. [Read: signs of a controlling boyfriend]

10. You Are Doubting Yourself

Sometimes, you wonder whether or not there is something wrong with you. Your lover continually puts you down or makes a huge deal of a tiny problem whenever you make any mistake. And, you begin to doubt yourself if you are the bad one or not good for your lover.

11. You Try To Please Your Partner So Hard

Regardless of your effort, your lover always finds a mistake with what you do, making you feel like an idiot.

And, whenever your lover behaves aggressively and arrogantly and somebody tries to calm down and sympathize with you, you feel excused for the behavior of your partner and tell other people that you deserved it just to make your lover look better in people’s eyes. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

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