Top 14 early signs of an insecure man in a relationship

Insecurity could happen for different reasons, and a lot of them are understandable. Maybe, he was the victim of bullying or abuse, particularly if he did not fit the typical masculine stereotypes as illustrated by the society. The reasons are unlimited. Insecure men come in every age and size, and they all share the demand for affirmation. It is crucial to know that most insecure men do not even consciously know that they are insecure. Whilst just a few men will admit to you as well as themselves that they are insecure, the majority of men are too embarrassed and ashamed of their own insecurities. If you are wondering if your man is an insecure man, then check out 9 clear signs of an insecure man from

14 Signs Of An Insecure Man To Watch For

Signs of an insecure man

1. He Frequently Asks For Reassurance

Insecure men need reassurance. It is like a shopping center needs customers. From within, insecure guys do not believe that they are good enough, so they often ask other people for validation in order to make them feel better. However, the problem is they are just better for temporary. Later, their feeling of being good will disappear and they will need more reassurance. Insecure men often ask for the opinion of another person, both in terms of look and other life issues.

2. He Compares Himself To Other People

Insecure men usually use social comparison in their daily lives. They often think about who has what or who has the worse or better version of something. They really want more control and power than they currently possess. Insecure men constantly compare themselves at work. They have a tendency of putting down other men in different fields of life, because it makes them feel better in that moment.

3. He Gets Defensive

One of the most noticeable signs of an insecure man is the defensiveness. One of the most frustrating behaviors for loved ones of those insecure guys is their tendency to get defensive as you say that they were wrong about a certain issue or you challenge them. For those insecure men, their own ego is shaky to start with, so everything suggesting that they are inadequate or wrong is dealt with a hostile defense. To put in simple words, their ego could not be brought down. Those guys are very fragile. It is just their loved ones or families who know how insecure they actually are.

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4. He Wants To Spend All Of Your Time With Him

Whilst this is normal when you are in the early stage of a relationship, it is normal for an established relationship to slow down and cool off a little bit. A couple should have alone time. You should spend time for yourself or with your family or friends. So he does.

5. He Presents Everywhere

One of subtle signs of an insecure man is that he will insert himself everywhere. He will not allow you to have conversations with other people without his acknowledge. He may interject when you are having a phone call or grab your keyboard or phone when you chat online or physically show up when you have a discussion at the workplace. He does not like the reality that you have an inside jokes with others.

6. He Is Jealous Of Your Male Friends, Ex Or Colleagues

Jealousy in relationships is common. It is not a sign of a healthy relationship. It is also a sign of an insecure man, particularly if you have given your man no reason to feel jealous. He even can be jealous of the time you spend with other people and sometimes shows his jealousy at any man in your own life, be it your boss, your friend, or a coworker. He might try to persuade you that this man wants to get in your pants or to cheat on you, even if this would never become true.

7. He Makes You Feel Guilty

An insecure guy will have a tendency of making you feel guilty about anything that you may want to do without his presence. For instance, your brother invited you to join his at the movies for a sibling only night. You feel excited about it, yet when you tell your boyfriend, he starts getting moody. He will make you feel bad about the reality that he is not invited. Even, he might make you cancel the night or get you to do something for him in exchange.

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8. He Asks You Seriously Why You Like Him On A Regular Basis

A normal man does not doubt when a woman likes him. Even if he is ugly, he will not assume that a woman is lying about her care for him. However, if he is insecure, he will not be able to believe of anything you tell him. This is one of subtle signs of an insecure man.

9. He Accuses You Of Straying

An insecure guy will not stop at persuading you that the other guys are out to get you. He may accuse you of flirting with other men, ogling them or having an affair. He will constantly look for the signs of an emotional affair or physical affair in all of your behaviors, track your mobile phone as well as internet accounts, which aims to trying to take control of your time and the ones you spend time with.

10. He Overcompensates

Maybe, an insecure man tries to tell some stories making him seem cool or he might be always complimenting himself right in front of you and other people. Nonetheless, these might not be signs of a person with healthy self-esteem. Confront him and you will be able to tell when he is overcompensating but he will make as if he is great and you are very lucky to have him.

11. He Does Not Have His Own Hobbies

One of the strangest things about an insecure man is that he never seems to have his own hobbies. Instead of having his interests, he will latch onto your hobbies. It will be great if he is helpful with your hobbies, but he acts as a director and constantly supervisor of your activities.

12. He Cannot Deal With Constructive Criticism

When it comes to signs of an insecure man, this may be a very subtle sign. We all have to experience criticism, be it from our parents, school or work. Even our friends will sometimes criticize us constructively from time to time. But, for insecure guys, they could not handle any form of criticism. He could not take it from his supervisor, his parents, or you. You could not criticize a person with low self-esteem as well as insecurities. They see it as a personal attack and lash out at you.

13. He Prevents You From Reaching Goals

An insecure man does not want his partner to reach any goal as he is worried that she will leave him. For instance, if you set your goal to lose a few kilograms of weight, he will try to sabotage your own diet. Insecure guys hate any type of change. If you try to make a positive change, your best bet is not letting him know about it.

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14. He Threatens To Walk Out

The method of an insecure man to keep you under his control is letting you know that he could walk from the relationship at any time. He pretends that he does not need you and his reaction to arguments is suggesting a breakup. The truth is, he feels scared about losing you and will never willingly get out of the relationship. This will put the ball in your own court.