16 tell-tale signs of being in love with someone

You have dated a new person. You cannot stop yourself thinking about their name, their face, and their smile. Sometimes, you wonder if you are really in love, how much your love this person, and you are unsure what to do with these happy, sparkling thoughts. To help you find out the sure-fire answer for your question, we from Wikiyeah.com have gathered some of tell-tale signs of being in love with someone that you may be not aware. Just remember that being in love is one of the best feelings in this world and it is okay to relish in such feelings as much as you wish.

Signs Of Being In Love – 16 Undeniable Red Flags

Signs of being in love

1. You Check Your Phone Continually Obsessively

When it comes to signs of being in love, this seems to be the most noticeable one. Perhaps, you are checking to warrant that your phone still works or you still have the service, or that your volume is on, or that you have not missed any call yet. If you obsessively check your phone every 10 seconds, we may be talking about love.

2. You Always Talk About Him

When someone is being in love, they can’t help talking about that special one in their mind. You are not an exception. Someone does or says something reminding you of him and you are talking about him before you realize it. Regardless of the person you are talking about, the most important thing is that you could not stop bringing them up around your family or friends. If they are tired of hearing about that person, it is one of the clear signs you are obsessed about him/her.

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3. You Read Their Text Messages Over Again

Sure, this is an undeniable sign of being in love. It seems that you keep all texting conversation with him. As he/she sends you a message, you usually smile and read it a few times for good measure. What you do is re-reading your conversations with him/her and smile without evening knowing it. Even if you are the one who regularly removes your texts and emails, with this special person, you do not. It is because his/her message brightens up your day and make you smile all day long.

4. You Say: This Person Is Special

When someone is in love, they will start to think their loved one is unique. Oftentimes, the belief is accompanied with the inability to feel attracted towards anybody else. This is the result of the increased levels of central dopamine – the chemical that involved with focus and attention – in the brain. [MORE: 7 good signs you are in a sincere relationship]

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