16 tell-tale signs of being in love with someone

5. You Say: He/She Is Perfect

Another one in regard to signs of being in love is the “perfect” sign. People who are really in love tend to majorly focus on the positive qualities of their lover, whilst skipping the negative ones. Also, they tend to concentrate on trivial objects and events reminding them of their beloved, day-dreaming about those little moments. Fact is, this focused attention is resulted from increased levels of central dopamine and central norepinephrine, the chemical associated with a spike of memory in the availability of new stimuli.

6. You Are Bounce Between Euphoria, Exhilaration, Sleeplessness,…

This is a well-known signal among many signs of being in love. Falling in love often results in physiological and emotional instability. The person involved bounces between increased energy, exhilaration, euphoria, appetite loss, a racing heart, trembling, and increased breathing, panic, anxiety and feelings of hopeless when their relationship suffers from set-backs, even the smallest ones. Those mood swings are associated with behavior of drug addicts. According to researchers, being in love is considered a form of addiction.

7. You Think Overcoming Challenges Make Your Couple Closer

Experiencing some kinds of difficulties with a certain person tends to increase romantic attraction. Central dopamine might be responsible for this. It is shown that when an achievement is delayed, the neurons that produce dopamine in the mid-brain area gets more productive.

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8. You Wish To Be With Him/Her All The Time

Those in-love people regularly exhibit the signals of emotional and psychological dependency on their romantic relationship, such as fear of rejection, possessiveness, jealousy, and separation anxiety. You could spend the whole day at his/her house and you could not think of a better place to be.

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