16 tell-tale signs of being in love with someone

9. You Hope To Stay With Them Forever

People who are in love also hope for emotional union with their loved one, looking for ways to day-dreaming or get closer about a future of being together.

10. You Want To Know Everything About Them

One of the clear signs of being in love is the desire to know every tiny thing about your beloved, be it their favorite afternoon snack, their biggest fears, their brand of clothes, and more. The list is unlimited.


Do I love him?

Does she love me?

11. You Are Not Hesitate To Change Your Habits, Mannerisms, Or Clothing To Align With Your Beloved

Falling in love is signaled by a tendency to change your mannerisms, values or habits or reorder your everyday priorities in order to align with those of your loved one.

12. It Is Not About Intercourse

Whilst the desire for physical intimacy is crucial to those in love, the want for emotional union takes precedence. A study has shown that about 64% of in-love people (of both genders) disagreed with the statement, “Intercouse is the most important part of our relationship.”

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