16 tell-tale signs of being in love with someone

13. You Have More Energy

When going through your day, you feel more energetic and alive as if you have a continual source of adrenaline going charging you.

You also feel more productive, but you are not using drugs. This natural, weird energy boost lifts your mood and makes you excited all day long. It is a crazy experience.

14. You Feel Safer Around Them

Just their hug or the manner they squeeze your own hand when walking down the street can fill you with much comfort, and you want to sing even a million songs.

15. You Tell You Become A Better Person When Being Around Them

This is a subtle sign of being in love that not many people realize. This special person not only makes you feel happy stupidly, but they also make you more feel more lucid. They make you feel powerful, funny, pretty, and even perfect. They transform you into the one you have always wished to be. That is really an amazing feeling.

16. You Do Not Notice Other Men/Women As Much

The last but not least important red flag when it comes to signs of being in love is this. Despite you can’t help paying attention to a hot man or a beautiful woman walking by, when being in love, some of such people tend to slip under your radar, whilst other people just pale in compared with her. Moreover, you even do not seem to be flirting as much as you did. You steadily realize that he/she is the only man/woman in the room which matters.

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