17 signs of emotional abuse in a relationship you may overlook

How do you react when someone oppresses you with emotional abuse? Do you strike back? Sure.

But what if you do not even realize that you are being duped or tricked into emotional abuse?

What if your love for a special person persuades you that you need to bend over backwards in order to please them?

Your interpretation of reality and the reality are entirely different and subjective. You just can believe that you are being emotionally abused only when you persuade yourself that you are. No one else could help you realize that you are emotional abused until you confirm it by yourself. Do you know the so-cal metaphorical boiling frog syndrome? Well, this syndrome is: if you drop one frog in boiling water, obviously it would instantly jump out. Yet, if you just place the frog in a container of lukewarm water, and begin to boil that water slowly, then the frog will stay in that container till it boils to death.

This fact goes for emotional abuse in a relationship. Not all of us realize the signs of emotional abuse until we are damaged so hard. Even when we are emotionally abused, you might never realize the signals. Fact is, abuse in all forms have to begin somewhere. It is not something that accidently happen in someday. There must be a point of time when your partner does disturb you, but you choose to ignore it due to the big love you give them. And it happens over again. You still opt for ignoring it. Eventually, it reaches a dead point where you feel weak and suffocated, and you do not understand why you feel so. Now, the question rising in your mind now is:

What Is Emotional Abuse?

Basically, emotional abuse is any type of psychological abuse traumatizing the mind of a person or their being state, thereby forcing them to feel helpless and weak.
You might feel emotionally abused at some points of life by people around you, be it your partner, siblings, parents, or your friends. It is said that the easiest way to realize if you are emotionally abused or not is to ask yourself if you feel stressed and weak around a specific person.

Most of people with emotional abuse feel humiliating and shameful. It is not easy for them to mention to it with other people, particularly when they believe it is their own weakness that resulted in the abuse. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not your weakness, yet your unconditional love for that individual leading to it.

Signs of emotional abuse

Now, it is time for you to get to know some big signs of emotional abuse you might be overlooking. Use 20 big but signs of emotional abuse on Wikiyeah.com to find out if you are being hurt by your partner. Once you see some of these signs, tell them out. Some information in this entry is referred from Allwomenstak and YourTango.

Signs Of Emotional Abuse – 17 Subtle But Big Signs

1. Incessant Lectures

This sounds rather abstract when it comes to signs of emotional abuse. If your partner constantly tells you how you are deficient or flawed and how you need to improve, without trying to help you, chances are, you are emotionally abuse. Rather than helping you fix your problems, they just point out your flaws and then behave like you are the person who could not be helped as you are too dumb or weak.

2. You Are Scared

If the behaviors of your partner scares you, and you are afraid of asking them for something as you do not know how they will react, then it is also one of subtle signs of emotional abuse.

3. Constant Comparisons

Another one in this list of signs of emotional abuse is those painful comparisons. If your partner continuously compares you with someone else, or even with you in the past, and also tell how much better than you he/she is, it is a warning sign for you to watch for.

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4. Constant Confusions

Does your partner often yell at you? Yet, when you argue back in order to prove that they are wrong or you are right, they get down on their knees and give an apology to you for gaining your affection back. That proves they are somehow emotionally abusing you.

5. Being Blamed For No Mistake

Your partner keeps blaming you for no mistake of yours. It could be due to the behaviors of your friend, of the kids or anything else. Your partner might even hear about something on radio and then yell at you as they are pissed off.

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6. Possessive Jealousy

Your partner always has something negative to say about your colleagues, your friend, particularly if they are of the other gender. Your partner gets jealous and hates the feeling when you take phone calls from that friend and sometimes even ask you to stop the phone call. They do not like it when you are living an active life, particularly social life.

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