12 revealing signs of friendzone to watch for

Are you falling in love with a man but he seems to friendzone you? You might have noticed something different about him making you feel like you will be stuck in the friendzone for good. Did he friendzone you? Before finding signs of friendzone, we should be clear about a common misconception about the dreaded friendzone. Actually, this action does not mean that he does not like you, but it just means that he does not like you as you do for him. In the current moment, he sees you as a simple friend and he feels happy to stay in that status.

Now, turn back to the main topic: Does he friendzone me? Read on this checklist made by WikiYeah.com to see signs of friendzone you.

12 Clear And Subtle Signs of Friendzone
Signs of friendzone

1. He Implies It

Does he friendzone me? Watch if he hints it or not. Many people think that if someone does not like a person beyond the normal friendship, he/she should tell them. However, fact is, the other person does not outwardly say it, they just hint it. If you ask him a direct question, you will get a direct answer, but if you ask him a hint question, you will get a respective answer. Oftentimes, the most common implication is that he laughs at your hint. It may not be presented in an offensive way, it is something funny. He may also try to avoid you after getting your subtle hint. Rather than wondering if you are going wrong or not, you should accept the fact that he currently does not want to change the circumstances.

2. He Refuses Romance

This could be watching a movie or hanging out with friends. It seems normal but he does not want to create any romance with you in such events. This is one of signs he is trying to friendzone you. This may be because he suspects that you have feelings for him and thinks that it may give you wrong impressions. Despite the movies are not always romantic ones, he still does not want to go with you.

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3. The Way He Acts On Social Media

One of signs of friendzone is from the way he acts on social media. Why do you still not being ready to accept that you are friendzoned? It may be due to the way he acts with you when you two are alone together. Maybe, you think the mixed signs he sends show that he is into you but all of that suddenly changes when you are in a more public places, such as Facebook, Twitter, or something else.

For example, despite he laughs out loud at your jokes when there are just two of you, he seems like they were nothing on the Facebook.

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