12 revealing signs of friendzone to watch for

4. He Is Too Comfortable

Does he friendzone me? Check if he is too comfortable in front of you. If you are interested in someone, no matter it is a friend or not, you will want them to see you look good, right? However, if you crush does not make any effort to be smell good or to clean up before meeting you, then he may not see you as a potential date. You may want to like him due to the real person he is, but if you are really attracted to someone, then you can’t bear but put some attempt into your look.

5. He Suggests Someone As Your Date

When it comes to signs of friendzone, this is another subtle one which is often skipped. The aim of this article is giving people signs because nobody is saying out loud. You have not told him about how you feel about him and so does he. He is your friend and may not want to be something more than a friend to you so he will suggest other ideal people who may be suitable for you.

6. He Tells You About The Person He Likes

This may be a clear sign when it comes to signs of friendzone?”You like him but he does like someone else, not you, you should stay within the friend zone. Even when he did not notice your hints, this is a relatively clear sign to know that things will not go anywhere.

You like your crush but you cannot tell him about your feelings as you are afraid that it will damage the friendship between two of you.

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7. He Meets You At His Convenience

If he just hangs out with you at his convenience, then you may be friend zoned. To put in simple words, he just comes around you when it is convenient for him. This is another surefire sign that you stuck in the friend zone. To be honest, if the man just comes around when he feels like it, he may not be a great friend. If he is really interested in you, he will try to make time to see you.

8. He Does Not Notice The Little Things About You

If has never asked you if you have changed your hair style (despite you did), then you may be heading to the friend zone. This may be because he does not notice about you. What you could do now is to do something that makes him notice to you. You can start big whilst doing some little things until he starts to notice them. Make it a spell, do not be a witch about it. If he does not notice at all, then you have been friendzoned already.

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