12 revealing signs of friendzone to watch for

9. You Invite Him And He Never Asks To Go Inside

If you invite your crush in your house but he says no, then you are friend zoned. Chances are he is either from a super good upbringing or he is not interested in you. If you are in the friendzone, then the man will not try to sleep with you, thus the idea of having physical intimacy is not an option.

10. He Talks With Other Women More Than You

If a man talks with other women more than you, he has started to create the distance between two of you in order to put you in the friend zone. Your relationship with him will not go anywhere.

11. He Is Not Touching You

One of the most common flirting techniques is touching. It does not have to be sexual touches, yet there will be a hand on the arm whilst laughing, or a fast brushing back on your hair.

The man who likes you will want to touch you, but if he does not touch you, maybe he is not into you despite he has plenty of chances to make a move.

12. You Always Pay Separately

Listen, girls, a guy who falls in love with you will never let you pay for his dinner. That guy will not like it if you pay for your dinner as well. Usually, men pay for your stuff as they want you to know that they are capable of caring you in terms of finance. If you man is not showing his value, he is not interested in you.

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