11 Signs of Jealousy in a Woman in a Relationship

For woman, jealousy arises from competition, comparison, and the fear of losing a good boyfriend. In reality, women are prone to be more jealous than men in many types of situations. They seem to have more emotional jealousy than sexual jealousy.

In accordance with evolutionary scientists, jealousy in a woman might originate from a demand to keep their partner to warrant support for their children. Men seem more upset by sexual infidelity as they could not be sure that a child their partner might later produce is theirs while women are more upset by emotional infidelity. Of course, they do not have to wonder about the baby being theirs.

Emotional vs. Sexual Jealousy

In comparison with men, women will be more likely to get jealous by the thought of their partner falling in love with another woman. It is because for a woman, the partner who becomes emotionally involved with someone else will give his time, money and protection, which should be given to her or her children, to another woman. Emotional jealousy alleviates in older women, probably as they passed the child-bearing age.

The more jealous that a woman feels, the less he will behave or function appropriately. In fact, women seem more jealous of other women in regard to physical attractiveness. 

The following parts in this article released by WikiYeah.com will show you some signs of jealousy in a woman in a relationship. In details, we will reveal signs that a woman gives away her jealousy.

Signs of jealousy in a woman

11 Subtle Signs Of Jealousy In A Woman In A Relationship To Watch For

1. She Feels Insecure

It is not necessary to say that a jealous girlfriend will be a little insecure, similar to a jealous boyfriend. She will continually track your actions to know your friends, colleagues, and people who talk to you. Even, she might stalk them in order to know how their relationships with you are.

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2. She Asks For Validation Constantly

If a woman constantly asks their boyfriend: “Do you really love me?”, “Do you think I am pretty?”, etc, then it is one of signs of jealousy in a woman. You should be prepared to answer such questions every now and then. Your woman needs the validation from you for nearly everything in her life. She is desperate to know how much you love her.

3. She Cannot Leave You Alone When There Is Another Woman Around

This is one of sure-fire signs of jealousy in a woman. A jealous girlfriend will not stop thinking that you are talking to another woman, even if she is a friend or a colleague. She will not completely trust you and may get agitated when seeing you talking to other women.

4. She Cannot Take Criticism

This subtle sign of jealousy in a woman is often skipped. Even when the man tries to calm her down and puts his effort in making her understand about her mistakes, she still does not listen to him. She may get angry or pick a fight to change the topic.

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5. She Looks Through Her Boyfriend’s Phone

A jealous girlfriend will breach her partner’s privacy without his allowance. She keeps checking his phone and browsing history in order to keep an eye on him.

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6. She Needs To Have The Last Word

When fighting or having a heated conversation, she tries to make sure that she will always have the last word, meaning that she has the upper hand in the relationship.

7. She Is Defensive

When it comes to signs of jealousy in a woman, being defensive is a subtle sign. That girl will take everything as a criticism. The defensiveness becomes her default mode, though you do not do or say anything triggering such reaction.  

Maybe, she reads too much innocent statements, so she accuse you of trying to do which you were never meant.

8. She Constantly Reminds You Of Your Mistakes

This is one of little known signs of jealousy in a woman. A jealous girlfriend seems to never really forget or forgive her partner’s mistakes. Also, she keeps reminding him about even the smallest mistake in the past of her boyfriend. She does that to manipulate him in her way.

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9. She Always Suspects Of Her Partner

If a girl always accuses her boyfriend of cheating, then it is one of signs of jealousy in a woman. She often thinks that he leaves her to be with someone else. Besides, she blames him for lying to her without giving any practical proof. This makes him feel that his relationship is not based on trust.

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10. She Is Materialistic

The reasons leading to jealousy are diversifying, and the love of materialistic pleasures is among. A jealous girlfriend may become materialistic by picking the type of things which do not actually matter.

11. She Makes Her Partner Feel Insecure Or Guilty

A girl if making her partner feel guilty for spending his time with other people, be it his family members or friends, may secretly show her jealousy through such an action. Actually, she has an insecurity issue. One characteristic of insecure people is their attempt of making other insecure.

She becomes too clingy. Because she has invested her own too heavily in the relationship, she becomes dependent on you in her life for company.  That girl does not seek for other people’s validation, except from you.

A woman who acts or behaves like that will drive a wedge between her partner and his family as well as friends. She forces him to choose between them and her.