7 big signs of lust not love – Are you in love or lust?

It is easy to confuse between love and lust, especially in the early stages of a relationship. These emotions all make people involved feel a type of bliss which they have never experienced before, which is very joyful and wonderful. So, what are differences between lust and love? What are signs of lust not love? Need a little help to figure out the answer of these questions? Read on this article from Wikiyeah.com!

7 Warning Signs Of Lust Not Love

Signs of lust

1. You Dress To Impress

Of course, there is no harm in trying to impress your significant other through appearance, particularly when you are first courting one another. However, dressing like you are going to a party each time you meet him/her takes a lot of effort, not to mention cost.

Whether you are a woman or a man, the key is that you take special care in your look each time you meet your date. In a romantic relationship which is based on more than the superficial, you and your significant other would not care if your face was not perfect some day as your relationship is much more than what lies outside.

2. You Are Not Comfortable Meaningful Conversations With Them

One of subtle signs of lust not love is a dearth of meaningful conversations. When you are really in love, you will feel comfortable with your significant other and they are also. It means that you can talk about most things with him/her without having to defend. Your partner is really your friend. But, for lust, meaningful conversations and friendship are lacking. Conversations which make up your hopes, your problems, your dreams and your goals are missing from your conversations with them, in general.

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3. They Look Like Sin

In the relationship which is based on just lust, you seem to be attracted to what you see. That means you pay attention to his look more than his personality. You could not stop thinking of his looks and believe him to be perfect, when the reality is far from it. However, in love, you will skip the imperfections of a person and look for the kindness and beauty within. There is passion in your relationship, which is not based on appearance, but derived from the love shared between the two of you.

4. It Is All About Intercourses

This is obvious among clear signs of lust not love. You two spend most of the time with each other having intercourses. Sure, cuddling could be satisfying and comforting but when you are really in true love, it means much more. For those in lust, there is no special connection. There is no late night talk that can let you share your feelings with one another. For those in lust, they may do not even care about the feelings of each other. Indeed, physical intimacy is a great way to show your love for each other, yet it should not be the single one.

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