7 big signs of lust not love – Are you in love or lust?

5. There Is No Connection On An Emotional Level

The next when it comes to signs of lust is no emotional connection. The communication between you and your partner is stunned. You do not discuss your feelings with them, and neither do they. Frankly, real feelings do not come into your relationships, if not they are about s*x. When you truly connect with a person on a certain emotional level, you will draw comfort from the silence. You are not even bothered by gazing into the eyes of each other till 3 am in the morning. But if the silences are awkward and your communication based on only s*x, then it should a warning sign it is just pure lust.

6. Your Memories Are Mainly In The Bedroom

Whenever you think about the moments you and your partner spend with each other, you do not think of the meals you shared or the movies you watched together, but just what was on the bedroom. Those memories alone stand out in your own mind. That is a big sign you are not in love, but lust.

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7. You Do Not Plan A Future With Them

There is no commitment in your relationship. The two of you are not committed to each other like other couples would do. Your relationship is all about fulfilling sexual demands. You may speak how much you want one another and how good it is. However, there is one thing you have not imagined doing yet is spending your rest life with them. If the idea of getting married, having children, or join accounts or sharing vacations have not come to your mind yet when you think of your partner, then you could be assured that it is just pure lust. [Read: how to get a man to commit to a relationship]

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