11 Big Signs Of Toxic Family Members and How to Let Them Go

In relationships, you can choose how to make friend with, but you cannot choose the family you were born in. Sometimes, we feel that even people who are not our family are so close to us while the real family members seem like our enemies. You may care for your family members, but it does not necessarily mean that they will care for you.
Therefore, the questions: how to recognize toxic family members and how to let go of them take effects in such case. This article from WikiYeah.com will reveal to you signs of toxic family members. Check out here!

11 Warning Signs Of Toxic Family Members To Watch For

Signs of toxic family members

1. Your Relationship Is Abusive

When it comes to abuse in relationships, it comes in various types and forms, from physical, mental, to verbal, sexual and emotional. It gets to you and leaves you feeling like you cannot handle your life. If a certain member in your family abuses your kindness, then it is one of signs of toxic family members. Despite there is no shame for a family member to ask you for money, or to expect you to take care for their children, or to ask you to do something that nobody would, they might abuse your kindness. Actually, that family member senses your kindness, which is also your weakness, and makes use of it.

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2. They Make You Anxious

More often than not, it is normal for us to feel a little bit anxious when being around family members, particularly the ones whom we do not see often. It is okay. However, once the anxiety is over our control or becomes pervasive, then it is not normal at all.

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3. They Use Love To Control You

In a perfect world, family members should be the ones who are around you when no one is there to help you. They should give you unconditional love. However, some family members could peace out even the most inopportune events. They are toxic family members who seem to use love as a tool. They just give you support and love if you do what they want. It hurts you, instead of helping you. Though it is not always essential for family members to provide you with unconditional love, it is still kind of the issue. If they just use love as a tool to take control of you, then it is time for you to let their relationship go.

4. They Talk Badly Behind Your Back

Is there any family member who says bad things or spreads rumors about you? If yes, then you should be careful with them. It is one of signs of toxic family members. If you allow them to have chances to get close to you, chances are they can access to the things which are private or even secrets of you. That is not good at all. You cannot rely on the so-called family who should give you a safe shelter, so they are not your real family.

5. They Take Advantage Of Your Financial Information

Among signs of toxic family members, this sounds too subtle to watch for. Toxic family members may try to know the place you hide your cash, your credit account information. Then, who knows when they will steal from you. After all, the background of a good relationship is trust and once you cannot have trust on a certain family member, then your relationship with them is not a good one.

6. They Try To Ruin Your Relationships With Other Family Members

Toxic family members often divide and conquer other family members, including you. If a certain family member uses this strategy to gain their advantage, they are toxic. You need to stop that toxic family member from coming between you and other family members.

7. They Just Bring Bad Things To Your Life

If you suspect a family member to be toxic or not, then you can think back over your past and remember whether or not they did any good things for you. If it is just something neutral, then do not worry as not everybody has a good relationship with other family members. However, if it is all arguments and fights, then you should consider how important that relationship is to you.

8. They Are Addicted

If someone in your family is addicted, then he/she is no longer himself/herself. The truth is, if a person is addicted to something, he/she is not only toxic to himself/herself, but also to other people, including his/her family.

Despite it is hard to see our family members getting trouble without being to give a hand for help, giving help, including support and money, to them continually will not do any good things for them at all. It just worsens the situation. Sometimes, people have to save themselves because no one can save their lives but their own. It is necessary for you to let them do it without your support.

9. They Are Jealous Of You

How to know if someone is jealous of you? If your family members always target you, then be careful with them. It is one of signs of toxic family members. Fact is, jealousy may exist even in family.

Thus, do not let them gang up on or target you. You should not spend time on persuading the person who says inexact things about you. It is not worth your effort. Just simply let them do what they want and move ahead.

10. They Make It Messy

Toxic family members do not like harmony. If a certain member in your family does not like it when it is harmony and tries to stir up trouble when necessary, he/she is toxic. Of course, his/her presence in your life does not make sense.

Family should be the place that gives comfort for us when necessary. But, if your family member does not give you any comfort and even steal it from you, you should let them go.

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11. It Seems That You Are Always Not Enough Good For Them

Toxic family members always make you feel that you are always not enough good for them. In such case, you should let them go, no matter it is your mom or your dad, etc. Family should be about loving and acceptance regardless our weakness.