15 Subtle Signs She Is A Keeper In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, commitment is considered one of the most important aspects that make a relationship work. You cannot treat your love like with games or some sort of leisurely pastime. It is something necessary to be worked at every day. You need to establish, propagate, cultivate and develop your lover over time. There will be a lot of attempt and time goes into making your love worthwhile. But, not many people acknowledge this. They do not want to invest their time and effort too much in a relationship. It also explains why many people, especially men, falter. They do not want to get hurt, but want to act like stones – unbreakable and impenetrable. However, it could be exhausting and tiring when having to suppress the feelings and emotions all the time. It is the reasons why men could not wait to meet the woman that they could be vulnerable with without hesitation.

However, how do you know that the girl you are with is the right one for you? How could a man tell when a woman is really the one that he should spend the rest of his life with? How could he know that she is the type of woman that he could let himself to be willingly vulnerable with? The answers to such questions might not come easily. Keep in mind that each relationship is unique and it could be hard to generalize them. But, it does not mean that men could not look for the signs. This article from WikiYeah.com will show you some signs she is a keeper. By reading this list, you will know if your woman is the one who is worth the effort.

Top 15 Must-Know Signs She Is A Keeper

Signs she is a keeper


1. She Does Not Try To Check In With You At Every Second Of The Day

If your woman does not feel that she needs to check in with you at every second of the day in order to see where you are and what you are doing, then this is one of signs she is a keeper. It is partially because she really trusts you and also because she has things to do and she spends her time on doing them.

2. She Is Comfortable In Her Skin

She does not hide who she feels. This girl is confident in what she does. She does not care what people around think about her and does not try her best to (though having to go out of her way) just to please everybody. She understands that at the end of the day, it is much more important to feel secure with the person she really is than seeking for the approval of other people.

3. She Does Not Hide Her Feelings

This is one of subtle signs she is a keeper. She does not hide how she feels. With her, you always understand where she stands because she trusts you enough to show her emotions with you.  You never have to second-guest her intentions or her personality.

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4. She Is a Book Lover

It is a great idea to date a book lover. The person who reads is the one who is intelligent, open-minded, adventurous, and imaginative. Dating a book lover means that you are doing yourself a favor.

5. She Tries To Find Common Ground With The Ones Who Are Important In Your Life

At least, she always tries to find the common ground with everyone who is important in your life, be it your siblings, your boss, or your friends. If you could not put your different differences aside for several hours, then they are warning signs which need to be addressed and she will pinpoint and handle then accordingly.

6. She Has Overcome Trouble In The Past

If she is the one who has had to go through a difficult and tough past, it means that she has enough strength to endure a difficult and tough future as well.

7. She Can Talk About Awkward And Difficult Things With Tact

Your girl is mature enough to not skip talking about awkward or difficult things. She looks into your eyes when you two have conversations. Similarly, you should also do the same for her.

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8. She Is Passionate About Something

The person who has something to be passionate about is really worth keeping. This is one of subtle signs she is a keeper that many of you often overlook. If she could be passionate about a hobby, her job or a specific interest of hers, it means that she could be passionate about you.

9. She Is Ambitious And Goal-Oriented

The person who is goal-oriented is the one with whom you could be a strong and firm foundation for the future with. She has a direction in her life and drives to find real success.

10. She Always Encourages You Reaching Your Dreams

In a serious relationship, it is a not enough for your girl to be successful as a single person, but she should also wants you to find the success as well. She never serves as a hindrance for you.

11. She Does Not Compare You With Anyone

If your girl does not compare you to singers, actors, or the exes that she used to date, or whoever, then she is worth being kept. Relationships which are based on lofty expectations will soon fall flat. Appreciating what and who you have is always a good characteristic and your relationship should be built from that grounded foundation. This is also among clear signs she is a keeper in a relationship.

12. She Can Make Apologies

Your girl is humble enough to acknowledge her mistakes whenever she makes. She is not afraid of hiding her pride and giving an apology when she has shortcomings.

13. She Never Forces You To Make A Hard Decision

She never asks you to select between her and your family. She acknowledges that both are important parts of your own life, and you do not want to take sides.

14. She Respects Your Space

If you woman respects that sometimes people also need to be alone in order to calm down after a fight, then this is one of signs she is a keeper. She gives you your necessary space and takes her own as well.

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15. She Has A Cracking Sense Of Humor

A girl who will be able to laugh with you, at herself and at you as well is the one who can make for a warm atmosphere when you are being around her. It also means that you have great time together.