11 big signs she is angry at you

Having a romantic relationship with someone will enable you to analyze and read them. To be honest, when a man is angry, it is easy for the girlfriend to acknowledge that she is angry as most men will make sure their partner understands that they are angry at them. However, with women, it is another story. Ladies expect you to know that they are angry without letting you know. If you guys are wondering how to tell if your girlfriend is angry at you, then fortunately, this list made by Wikiyeah.com will show you clear signs she is angry at you without saying. Take a look!

How To Tell If She Is Angry At You – 11 Clear Signs

Signs she is angry at you

1. She Shows Lack Of Care

No one wants to hear the saying, “I don’t care” from the loved one and men are similar. Assume that you ask her opinions about something and she says that she does not care. Of course, she does but not just as much as you expect, and in her mood of anger, she comments that.

In such case, you should not give in to her arrogant attitude. Remember that it is just a phase. Even when she does not care and it seems like she will keep doing so, you can ask her what problems with her are. Tell her even when she does not care, you still want to make the right thing for her.

2. She Does Not Make First Contact

This may be the most recognizable signs she is angry at you. Ladies are usually the one contact you at the beginning of the day. They may text, call or email you if they are not being there with you. However, when your girlfriend is angry at you, she will not even bother making the first get in touch. If you make contact with her, then she will not make any attempt to reply.

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3. She Takes Part In Less

When a girl is angry at you, she may participate less than normal, be it about talking about interesting topics that two of you love to talk or about doing favorite things with each other. When your girlfriend keeps silent, you know she is mad at you. Thus, you should be concerned when she does not show any desire to communicate with you about anything like the normal way she does.

4. She Is Not Entirely Happy

When your girlfriend does not show her entire happiness, or she pretends to be happy by using a sarcastic touch, then she is angry at you, or particular aspect of the relationship. In such case, she will take advantage of an over-the-top expression of her own displeasure. You had better not let it go without noticing. [MORE: 10 red flags in a relationship]

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