7 Subtle Signs She Will Flake Out on You

In relationships, “flaking on” means your date with your partner is canceled at the last minute. In other words, flaking is a last minute-cancellation of a tentative plan. For men, when you schedule a date with a woman and then she flakes on you, it is really a bummer. It is annoying as time is valuable to you. Imagine that you have to cancel all of your plans on Saturday night just to have a drink with her, and she cancels last minute without plans. As a result, you have to waste your time sitting at home. That is uncomfortable and annoying. Some people may suggest that you can call some friends to go out for compensation; in fact, most people are already out for the night when you also get that date. You may probably get the denial.

Despite women are unpredictable, there are still many things you can do to avoid this down-mood incident. Women who flake are not hard to identify. Not to mention some legitimate excuses for her cancellation, like car trouble or family issues, you should acknowledge some possible signs she will flake on you. Here we from WikiYeah.com will reveal to you subtle signs she will flake out on you. Check it out!

7 Subtle Signs She Will Flake Out on You without Plans

Signs she will flake out on you

1. The Time She Texts Back

One of slight signs she will flake out on you is her slow response time. You had better check her response time. Women usually check their phones compulsively. In case you ping a message to her, chances are she got it and read it already. If she replies to you instantly, you are still hot to her and you may be good to go because this is the green light.

If she responds to you a little slower like a few hours later, she may be still interested to you but has some procrastination and needs prodding prior to feeling enthusiastic about your date.

But if she takes nearly one day or even more than one day to respond to your message, chances are she will flake out on you at last minute. Any plans that you are going to make with her will be fall through.

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2. The Way She Texts (Slow, Uncertain, Forced)

Most people know how much happy or fun it is when getting text from someone they love. If there is a connection, they will answer it without hesitation. However, if you get the feeling that she is replying in a forced way or in a bit uncertain way, then you should be on alert. This may be one of signs she will flake on you because she may not even honor her commitment to see you on the date.

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3. There Is Lack Of Reciprocation

This sign is simple to recognize. If you text a woman to ask whether or not she had a meal yet, or how her day was without getting any question from her in return, there is something wrong. She does not show her interest in your conversation or she might not be the type of woman that you could count on to have a date.

4. You Do Not Have a Strong Emotional Connection Upon Meeting Her

Assume that you meet her the first time in a friend’s party or at a bar or whatever, but perhaps you do not have a very strong emotional connection when meeting her. This may be a sign that she will flake out on you or may not show up on your date.
Actually, emotional connection can solve almost issues that you may have in relationships or dating, so you should make sure that you spend time on building that emotional connection with her.

5. She Was Not Excited When You Had A Connection With Her

If you asked for her phone number and she was not excited to give you them or when she said “yes” to going on a date with you but you still feel that there could be some reasons why she was not excited, then you should not be too surprised if she flakes out on you.

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6. She Is Too Excited When You Ask Her Out

This sounds strange when it comes to signs she will flake out on you, but when she is too excited when you asked for her phone numbers or when you invited her to go on a date, this may be in her emotional mode. At this time, her decision of going on a date with you can be emotional.

Maybe, she went through a breakup with her boyfriend last week or something like that, and you ask her out. She may prop emotionally, so she becomes too excited. Something that is going on in her head may be a little bit out of sync with the things that are going on in reality. It can also indicate her emotional unavailability or she may flake out on you.

7. If You Ask Her from Her Something That Is Out Of Her Character, She Will Flake

Assume that she has a boyfriend already and you know it but still ask her out for a date. If she agrees, she has to cheat on her boyfriend or leave her boyfriend’s date for you. However, if you are asking something that is out of her character, then there is a good chance that she will flake out on you (even when there is an emotional connection or an attraction between the two of you).  

If you are trying to arrange something like a one-night-stand, she may also flake out on you if it is not of her character.