24 big signs that someone has a big crush on you

It is hard to tell if someone is actually into you or if they are just being friendly with you. Many people try to hide their feelings as they are not sure of yours, and this cycle keeps going. If you are meeting someone like that in your life and you are wondering “Is he flirting with me?”, then put these 28 signs collected by Wikiyeah.com into a test so you can know for sure that someone has a big crush on you or not.

Signs Someone Has A Big Crush On You – 24 Hush-Hush Signals To Watch For

Signs that someone has a big crush on you

1. They Compliment You Often

If someone compliments you often, even in not an obvious, outright way – something like “Cool sweatshirt”, then they might crush on you. Just some simple, subtle phrases which seem not to mean much could say a lot about his hidden feelings for you.

2. They Remember And Notice The Little Things About You

Not many people notice little things about you if they do not care about you. If you just get a trim, particularly if you are a girl, yet they notice enough to comment on it, then they may have something special for you outside of simple friendship.

3. They Usually Start The Conversation

If someone is constantly the person who starts a conversation with you, it is because they wish to talk to you – one of signs that they like you more than a friend.

4. They Initiate Dates Or Hanging Out With You

When someone is always the one who asks to have a hanging out, grab coffee, or watch a movie with you, then they may be hiding their real emotions of wanting to see you all the time.

5. They Look At You At Strange Times

Have you ever looked over at someone in a group and noticed that they already put their eyes on you? If yes, that is because they were silently admiring your beauty – almost guaranteed, of course if you were not doing weird things.

6. They Never Ask About Your Lover

When it comes to signs someone has a big crush on you, this is a subtle sign that you may overlook. If you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend and are just friends with that “someone” and they never ask about your lover as well as how things going, then they like you more than a friend. For them, it is painful to talk about your relationship with someone else. [MORE: 17 signs he likes you truly madly deeply]

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