24 big signs that someone has a big crush on you

7. They Change The Topic When You Talk About Someone You Like

If that special person is not them, they will change the topic in order to avoid listening to it. This is a big indicator showing they may have feelings on you.

8. They Ask About Your Family

Those people who just want to be friends with you will not go out of their way to get to know about your family. If someone is checking up on your family, they may like you and want to show their interest in what matters to you.

9. They Ask In-Depth Questions

Most “mere friends” types will not ask detailed questions about your aspirations, your biggest dreams, and your desires. Hence, if they ask deep, personal questions, they may have a big crush on you.

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10. They Make Jokes About Dating You

This is the one of common signs that someone has a big crush on you. If your friend ends up making jokes about dating you like this, then it may be their real desire.

11. You Hear That They Have Been Talking About You To Mutual Friends

If you two have some mutual friends and during the talk, those mutual friends say something like, “Oh yeah, A told me you did that,”, then that “A” definitely like you. For them, they could not stop talking about you, even if you are not there.

12. They Are More “Hands-On” With You

Not in a perverted, weird way. If they get closer to you and find excuse to make some physical contact with you whenever possible, like a little shoulder touch or hand on back, then it shows that they have a crush on you. [MORE: 12 types of men who are worth your time]

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