24 big signs that someone has a big crush on you

13. You Always Wind Up Alone Together

Regardless of the plans you have or where you will ho, two of you always end up alone together somehow, then this might not be just accidental at all, but planned on their part as they want things to go that way.

14. They Pay Extra Attention To You When You Talk In A Group

When there are many people around, it is difficult to concentrate on one person when you are just friends. Yet, in case they have a big crush on you, then they will be hanging on all of your words.

15. They Tend To Smile More When Being Around You

One of subtle signs that someone has a big crush on you is how frequently they smile around you. Being around someone that you like will make you ridiculously happy, and you tend to always smile that time. If that happens to someone, then they may like you more than a friend.

16. They Never Talk About Their Interests About Love

If you bring up your love interests now and them, yet they never ever mention about anyone they love, then chances are they want to avoid saying about it in front of you.

17. When In A Group, They Often Stick By Your Side

When a person likes you more than a friend and you are in a group, then they will spend as much time as possible to be aside you.

18. They Always Find A Reason To Not Like The Ones You Date

One of signs someone has a crush on you is that they always find a certain reason to hate someone you date. Despite there is nothing more frustrating than such friend, the truth is they may be jealous with the person you date. [MORE: 9 tips to deal with a jealous boyfriend]

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