24 big signs that someone has a big crush on you

19. They Confide In You More Than Any Other People

If someone confide in you more than anyone else and you know their secrets more than even their closest friend, then they have a big crush on you. In fact, confiding in a certain person and putting the trust in them means you trust that person so much and have a crush on them.

20. They Remember Weird Stuff About You

If someone remembers not only your birthday or your big event, but also your weird passions or that you can’t bear the sound of twigs breaking, then they like you.

21. They Try Their Best To Look Great Around You

Assume that you just hang out at their home and do not do anything special, but they still dress rather nice and look good when around you, then it means they want to impress you.

22. People You Have Not Met Yet Know About You Due To Them

If their friends and family know about you before you meet them, then it is a big sign telling that they like you.

23. They Try To Make You Jealous

One day, you notice that they bring up hot people that they seem like, then it implies that they just try to make you jealous. It is because they want to know if you really care about them to get jealous or not.

24. They Show Various Sides About Themselves

Have you ever seen them be happy, funny, goofy, upset, or devastated or something in between, then you have seen many sides about them. They may like you because they try to show you different sides and hope that you also do the same with them,

Decoding the feelings of someone for you is not always easy, particularly when they want to hide it. Take these signs into your test to prove whether or not they have a crush on you.

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