10 warning signs that your relationship is going NOWHERE

Assume that it has been long enough, you both have spend a significant amount of time with one another. You are now both too comfortable in the company of each other. Now what? Where is your relationship heading to? They like sleeping in your house than theirs, half of your personal items is at their house. You have planned to be with them, you family and friends are always awe when seeing you two together. Is this a real love or just an attachment? For you, this is love, right? However, why does not your partner accepting that fact or being vocal about it? We usually give ourselves away entirely to someone in a romantic relationship as we expect them to be in our life for good. However, this fantasy starts to seem blurred when the relationship turns into a halt. It does not worsen, but also does not get better. It just stops growing and that is when you wonder if this will last forever.

Now, if you are wondering about that possibility, watch for some red flags or warnings signs that your relationship is going NOWHERE. Check out the list made by WikiYeah below to see if your relationship has any of these signs! Some information in this article is referred from YourTango and Huffingtonpost.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere – 10 Red Flags

Signs that your relationship is going nowhere

1. They Try To Avoid Communication About The Future

Does your partner try and change the topic related to the future? If you see your partner freaking out or keeping changing the topic whenever you talk about the future between the two of you, then it is one of signs that your relationship is going nowhere. They are still in doubt if they really want to become your life partner for good. A person who is not sure about you after spending too much time with you will never be sure of you even after so many years.

2. You Are Not Part Of Their Future Circumstances

When you are in a secure relationship, your partner begins thinking about the future, you might notice that they use “we” instead of “I”. It is a good sign you are in a committed relationship. It implies that they are thinking you as a couple and consider you are a part of their life. When someone begins saying something that points towards the future dates like “we should check out that concert next week,” or “my friend will get married in 3 months and I would like you to be may companion,” or something else.

By including someone into your future, it indicates confidence, security and commitment in a relationship. If this is missing and your partner always asks you out even the last minutes and hesitates to agree to see you for an event given more than one day’s notice, chances are, they will not make plans to be with you in the long term.

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3. When You Talk About Future, They Say Let’s See Where Life Takes Us

When you talk about future, they say let’s see where life takes us

Life does not take you anywhere else, you are the one who makes the turns and twists of your own life. Someone who blames everything on the destiny may not have an intention of living lifetime with you. Do not put yourself in such situation. This is not an adventure, but your life.

4. There Are Too Many Ifs And Buts

When it comes to signs that your relationship is going nowhere, this is a subtle sign you may overlook. If anyone of you putting conditions on your relationship, be it “What if…” , chances are one of you does not have a clear mind about the presence and importance of each other in life. Once you have a clear mind about this issue, you will not be scared to commit.

5. They Do Not Introduce You To Their Family Or Friends

They do not introduce you to their family or friends

When we are really interested in someone, we will want them to meet our family and friends. We want to see how they interact with people around us to see if they can fit in and get along with our social circles, and vice versa, right? However, someone who does not have an intention of seeing you in the long run, or who just sees you as a short-term commodity will not bother introducing you to their closest friends because in the end, it is not worth their effort and time if they know this relationship is just temporary. If they are serious about your relationship, they will want to let other people know your existence, at least to their family. If you have never met any of their family members or friends, it is a sign that your relationship is going nowhere. Meeting one another’s friends should be a part of the relationship growth process, particularly when you are serious about that significant person.

6. You Could Not Just Enjoy The Company Of Each Other

If the thought of being along with your partner, without any particular activity, or purpose, or distraction is scaring you, giving you a certain sense of impatience, dread or profound boredom, it means that they are not the right one for you and vice versa. How could you spend the rest time of your life with a person whom you are not comfortable with?

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7. You Start Picking Fights On Even Petty Things

You start picking fights on even petty things

If you two fight on each other just about little things, which never bothered anyone of you before, soon without understanding the root cause, you begin labeling things by “It is not the same anymore.” Or “They do not love me anymore.” It is one of signs that your relationship is going nowhere.

Another small red flag you are wasting time on him or her is the avoidance of fights. If you never express your real feelings or discuss real problems, you may have to be on the polite planes once and for all. Fighting is healthy and essential in relationship. If you are not fighting, you are not loving.

8. No One Really Put Extra Efforts Anymore

In a relationship, mutual support is important. Either one of you has stopped making attempts, unconsciously, believing that you have done all necessary things and that it is not necessary to additionally prove your love to them anymore and vice versa. Then, it is a warning sign that your relationship is going nowhere. If someone who does not believe in making attempts, they do not care for you much.

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9. They Try To Change You

They try to change you

Have you ever gone on or met a date with someone who seems to want to change you? If yes, then you are with the wrong person. When someone starts off a romantic relationship by commenting all the things that they think you should change about yourself, it indicates this one is not into you for the person you are. It could be a means of trying to mold or controlling you into the person whom they would like you to be. Someone putting an effort to change you may be the one whom you will not be happy with in the long term.

In a fulfilling, healthy relationship, your partner will almost accept you as who you are. This means they accept your weaknesses, and do not expect you as someone else who is perfect.

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10. You Are Acting Like You Are Still Single

Even when you are coupled for a long time, you are still staying out for many hours, hanging out with your mates more than each. In a committed relationship, you need to approach the relationship with an “us” not “me”. If you are enjoying the company of each other in groups more than alone form, then you are not content with the companionship of each other.

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