16 undeniable & subtle signs you are dating a man, not a boy

All women are different from each other and what they expect from a man will be different as well. The majority of women want to date men yet for certain reasons, they end up dating boys. Dating with a boy is not easy. Boys will grow up to become men, some grow up when they are still young, but others might never will. Let’s be clear: not every boy will finally become a man. Upon dating, knowing how to distinguish between men and boys will save your energy, time, money and heartache as well.

If you are still young and having fun at this current point of your life, it is rather okay to date around and have some flings, yet before long you are about to want to settle down, so you should make sure that you do it with a quality man, not an immature boy. Here, we give you some clear and subtle signs you are dating a man, not a boy. Take a look from WikiYeah! Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and WebMD.

Signs You Are Dating A Man, Not A Boy – 15 Differences Between Men And Boys

Signs you are dating a man not a boy

1. He Is A Good Listener

All relationships have issues, yet they could not be handled with if one of two partners does not listen. A man will be willing to listen regardless the criticism, he may not agree with you, but he will still listen no matter what. Any boy who loves his women will automatically man up enough to hear his loved one out. Once he cannot do so, your relationship may not go a long way. He may have tons of flaws yet if he listens and then tries to correct his manners in order to make you smile, it is among signs you are dating a man, not a boy.

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2. He Respects You And Other People

A man will treat your family with compassion and will also respect their idea or opinion. In my opinion, if he abuses or curses you or someone else as you do not meet his standards, then he is a boy. Those boys often get intimidated or threatened by some things that smart women do and as they could not express their own feelings, they make use of cursing. He may still be a good boyfriend yet he has problems.

To put in simple words, boys may be intimidated by smart women while men are strongly stimulated by them. If he feels insecure about his intellect, he will not risk it with an intelligent girl. The boys will just stay within his comfort zone whereas a man wants some challenges coming from a smart woman.
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3. He Has And Understand His Goals

It is said that the man aims at a goal while the boy drifts aimlessly. A man knows his wants in his life and will work hard to gain the goals. You could see him working and doing his best. You may be his inspiration to go forwards. On the other hands, boys tend to have lots on their mind, but they seem to not follow the intended direction that they should. They are disoriented, in plain words.

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4. He Gives His All To You As Well As Your Relationship

A man may not earn too much money, yet he is not afraid of spending each and every penny on you. He may not be able to purchase an iPad as Christmas gift for you, but he will do or get the best thing that he could afford.

5. He Trusts You

When you are around other men, he trusts you and will not be insecure about the fact that other guys will take his place. There are some reasons why men feels insecure about your relationship, but that does not mean that they continuously stop you from socializing just because he feel insecure by other men. He can be a thousand miles away yet he knows and believes that no one will love you better than him and your own heart as well as loyalty will lie with him. A long distance relationship or business trips will not bother him. He may miss you yet he always trusts you.

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