16 undeniable & subtle signs you are dating a man, not a boy

6. He Respects You Decisions

One of the clearest signs you are dating a man, not a boy is this. Despite he will cherish the decisions you two make together, he will not fuss if you make a certain decision on your own. He will admire you for taking initiative.

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7. He Appreciates You And Knows You Values

A man may not tell you he loves you, but he shows you that he loves you. To that man, you are a part of his own life and an extension of him.

A man will love if you dress up for him, yet nothing can stop him from admiring and loving you for the person who you are. You may be on your ugly period and feel so bad, yet this will not stop him from putting his warm arms around your shoulders.

8. He Compliments You Because He Wants You To Feel Great About Yourself

There is a big difference between giving a compliment in order to achieve something and giving a compliment in order to give something. Boys will often use compliments to get into a girl’s pants whereas men give compliments just because they want to cherish their woman. Real men are those givers as they know a real woman will definitely reciprocate.
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9. He Will Be Proud Of Your Confidence And Stability

A man will not feel threatened by a woman who is confident and financially stable. It will not bother his ego. A man will see his success right in your success.

10. He Will Not Bother To Share The Chores

For men, they reckon chores as an act of home making and bonding, he will not be afraid of preparing a meal for you or cleaning the dishes. Working the chores will not ultimately make him feel unmanly or less of a man.

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