16 undeniable & subtle signs you are dating a man, not a boy

11. He Admits His Mistakes

A man does not point fingers or try to get out of the situation when he feels embarrassed. He understands that being wrong is very normal to human beings. It is no need to feel ashamed about it. He understands that he could not learn if he could not admit he is wrong.

12. He Supports You

A man will stay by you no matter what. He will stand by you and not afraid to stand against the world alone just to defend or protect your honor. He will always your support and make sure that you get through the hard situation no matter what.

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13. He Takes Care Of Himself, Both Mind And Body

Among signs you are dating a man, not a boy, knowing how to take care of himself is a subtle sign. For a man, his mind is his high-priest while his body is his temple. He lives by his philosophies. He acknowledges that to feel good, he needs to be healthy. A man can take care of himself, so it is not hard for him to take care of you.

14. He Looks Forwards To Beginning A Family With You

The thought of marriage or having kids will not threaten him. He may not be ready instantly but he will love to discuss that idea with you. Even the idea of beginning a happy family with you will make him excited.  However, for boys, he scares of being responsible for you.

15. He Speaks His Mind When He Has A Problem And Does Calmly

Grown men do not just simply agree with things their woman say in their relationship, they also have their mind and they are happy to speak their own opinions. Nevertheless, after speaking out, they do respectfully and always open to hearing other people’s thoughts on the issue, including yours.

16. He Works Hard To Build A Future

This is just my own opinion. Boys tend to live day by day while men work hard in order to build a stable future for themselves and their loved one. When you are just focused on making yourself happy, you could party all nights and get lazy daily. Yet, once you realize that other people might be lying on you, you will be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to support your family.


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