8 warning subtle signs you are in a forced relationship

One of the worst relationships in this world, either romantic or normal, is “forced” relationships. We all know that we cannot force someone to love and vice versa. I don’t know what you have learnt from relationships are, but for me, there is a rule that I learned when it comes to relationships: don’t assume anything. If he / she has not told you or shown you that he / she loves you, then don’t assume that him / her does. If you are the one creating and developing that relationship, do not assume that he / she actually wants to be in it.

It is hard to not force something when you want it badly; yet forcing someone to try to be in a relationship with you is a recipe for disaster. That is a forced relationship and most such kind relationships have bad endings.

So What Is A Forced Relationship?

A “forced” relationship is the one when two individuals are literally “tired” with each other yet still do not want to break it off due to some reasons. This relationship is usually dragged out and begins projecting lots of negative energy. Any strong and happy relationship could end up being a forced one if necessary triggers are combined at the same time. If you are wondering what triggers are and how to determine if your relationship is a forced relationship or not, then you need to read on this article. Here, we give you 8 warning signs you are in a forced relationship without even knowing. Some information in this article, made by WikiYeah, is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday. Let’s start!

Signs You Are In A Forced Relationship – 8 Sneaky Signals

Signs you are in a forced relationship

1. You Are Feeling A Little Scary Whilst Reading This Entry

Well, this is the first almost sure-fire signal when it comes to signs you are in a forced relationship. If you feel scared when seeing the title of this entry, perhaps, you are in a forced relationship or maybe you are on the way to that relationship. If that is your case, you have two choices. One, you sit down with your loved one and have a sincere talk with them. Two, you end things up and save yourself from misery of breakup or heartbreak in the future. Regardless of what you choose, just remember this: everything happens for a certain reason. So, just live happily as the life still goes.

2. You Do Not Feel Guilty When Lying To Them, Even It Is Wrong

Most of time, lying is not good. It is particularly true for love; you just cannot do it with someone you love. Yet, if you are in a forced relationship, chances are, you do not feel wrong anymore when lying to that significant person. This may be because you do not actually worry about that person finding out the white truth later as you are not afraid of a breakup.

3. It Does Not Seem Difficult For You When Imagining A Breakup

In regard to signs you are in a forced relationship, this may be the most overlooked one. For those who cannot live without each other, breakups are really tough. And, if a breakup seems easy, maybe, it is a damaged relationship. Since a person is in a forced relationship, the idea or the thought of breakup that moment does not frazzle him / her so much. That level of frazzling seems rather similar as the one in an early stage of the relationship. This occurs when two individuals are really fed up with each other, they would rather cope with temporary sad of breakup than suffering from a permanent sorrow by staying with each other without wanting.

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