8 warning subtle signs you are in a forced relationship

4. You Argue Or Fight Over Even All Possible Things

When two individuals really care the other person, they will be careful with their actions as well as words as they do not want to hurt each other. However, when a couple is in a forced relationship, two partners tend to pick out the most ridiculous of fights on a regular basis. They often have big arguments over even the most stupid things. The “ignorance threshold” just does not exist and it seems impossible to let things go.

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5. You Could Spend Time Away From Each Other Without Hardness

This often happens in forced relationship. People want to spend time away from each other, even as much as possible. All the things they want are to avoid any negativity and want to live a peaceful life for a moment. For those who are in a true love, spending time away from each other seems to be a challenge, yet the same thing does not go for those in a forced relationship. The degree of interest also begins diminishing, leading to the lack of attempt made by those people involved, thereby leading to lesser time spent together. Among signs you are in a relationship, this seems to be skipped a lot.

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6. You Think About Other People More Than About Your Partner

Do you find yourself spending time on thinking about your partner lesser? When a person in a forced relationship, he / she starts to find another trustable source of happiness and love, so they begin thinking about other people more than the one who are being with him/ her. In fact, it is totally natural and happens with even the best of us. [MORE: 10 sneaky signs you are not in love anymore]

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