8 warning subtle signs you are in a forced relationship

7. You Seem To Talk About Your Emotions Anymore

If you are in a relationship, you seem to avoid talking about your own feelings most often times. The thought of talking from the heart or speaking it out really scares you as you know you will finally not be heard and your emotions will be skipped. This leads to more gaps, including communication gap. The importance of communication in relationships, particularly romantic relationships, could not be ignored. It is vital for the well-being of each relationship, yet this seems to get lost in a forced relationship.

8. You Do Not Think About Being With Each Other In The Future

The last one in this list of signs you are in a forced relationship is this. If you are serious about your significant other and in a committed relationship, you tend to take all steps necessary positively towards a happy and bright future of being together. You may plan and set goals for that future. Assume that you are in a forced relationship, this case, you do not really think of the future with your loved one, so you just do not worry or plan about it. In your mind, true happiness is when you are alone.

Now, after reading this list of signs you are in a forced relationship, what do you think? Are you in such relationship? If yes, it is time to speak with your partner in order to solve the problems. But, if you could not speak it out, it is time to get out of the relationship before bearing further misery. Do not force your way into that person’s heart, if you do, you just break the relationship after all.

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