7 good signs you are in a sincere relationship to watch for

What do you think about the most important character in a man? In my opinion, it should be sincerity. It is not true for relationships, but for chosen career, goals, ethics, family and most other things. Most people who do things halfway have no real purpose or goal in their lives. Sincerity is the key to building long lasting relationships, both romantic and normal. When your devotion and sincerity are reciprocated, it will make all efforts given into a certain relationship worthwhile. Without additional ceremony, from Wikiyeah.com, I reveal to you some signs you are in a sincere relationship. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and YourTango.

Signs You Are In A Sincere Relationship – 7 Signals To Watch For

signs you are in a sincere relationship

1. You Communicate Well With Each Other

Sure. The first and foremost one in this list of signs you are in a sincere relationship is good communication of two partners. Despite it is the most important part of a healthy relationship, it is still popularly lacking in many relationships. If there is a thumb rule for a long lasting relationship, it would be anything except for communication. Whether your relationship has been lasting for a few months or 10 years, communication is still a main aspect of what keeps your relationship alive and improving. Once partners stop communicating, the relationship will obviously steadily die.

Some people said that assumptions are part of relationship. They are not wrong, but in sincere relationships, partners do not continually assume. Overtime, people develop the silent communicating methods, which are not similar to body language. Your partner may assume something but these assumptions do not always extend to what are available in your mind. In simple words, their assumptions are not always true. So, the silent communicating methods in these cases do fail its task. In fact, in sincere relationship, couples always know that it is healthier for them to express and communicating, through asking or discussing, than keeping silent. Actually, most unhappiness secretly stems from things left unsaid.

2. You Empower Your Partner And Vice Versa

In plain words, you two empower each other. Those sincere couples always respect and appreciate each other, for even the little things. They do not pull the other person down. Some people have a tendency of giving backhanded compliments to their loved ones, in an effort of changing them. However, this is not one of signs you are in a sincere relationship. Couples who are sincere recognize and celebrate their partner’s abilities as well as gifts, unconditionally support and inspire them to gain more. You are sincere to your partner when you give genuine compliments, your words are encouraging and your motive is pure for them, and vice versa.

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3. You Are Honest With Each Other

In any healthy relationship, honesty is a must. People in sincere relationship are open and honest with the other person. In reality, they do not try to play mind games with their partners. Has your partner ever said one thing but actually meant the other? If yes, then it is not of signs you are in a sincere relationship. Sincere couples do not make promises that they could not keep. They do not say that someone is just a normal friend, when it is obviously more than normal friendship. They do not tell white lies, even little white lies. If they have to lie about something, they may have to spend much time on rethinking reasons for doing so. Not to mention to their relationship.

However, sincere couples, on the other hand, understand that honesty is not always the key in their relationship. For them, sometimes, saying hard truths gently is one of the ways to express honesty in their sincere relationship. They acknowledge that lying just weakens the bond of their relationship.

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4. You Give Right Priorities

This is among subtle signs you are in a sincere relationship. Not many of us acknowledge it. Does your partner say that they will call, but then they do not? Do they say they will make plans to meet you once they have done their work, but then they choose to hang out with their friends? Do they make a promise of spending more time with you, but then they never execute it? If “yes” is your answer for all questions above, then you need to rethink about your relationship with that person.

Sincere couples understand and well evaluate the importance and role of each other. Fulfilling commitments to them is a determining factor to a healthy relationship. Making their partner a priority is a basic rule of their relationship rule. Your partner may say that “He/she will understand”, yet taking you for granted will just wreck your relationship, nothing more. You are with them because you choose them among many other potential partners, then why you make them a convenience instead of a priority?

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5. There Is No Blame Game

Another sign you are in a sincere relationship is that there is no so-called blame game. Do you (your partner) often lose your temper? Do you (your partner) feel like being in hell when the other person does not approve of something in your relationship? If yes, you are in an unhealthy relationship. Sincere couples do express their anger in a healthy way; discuss the reasons first before going into the solutions. Also, there is not name-calling. They do not stop fighting with harsh words and then build up resentment and hurt after that. Instead, they calm down, avoid being judgemental, and put themselves in other’s shoes in order to have a better understanding about their partner.

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6. Your Desires In Life Are Same Or Similar To Each Other

Well, someone has said that those true couples often look like each other after a period of being in love. Though there is no scientific evidence for that conclusion but in some aspects, it is rather true. The reason is that when two individuals in an honest relationship, they have the similar or same goals, favorites and desires in life. For example, if you wants are to build a good career before getting marriage, chances are, it is no need for you to say your feelings to your partner but they are on the same page like you. Sincere, happy couples do have cards on table, not bluff each other and most certainly not mislead each other.

7. Your Relationship Is The First Priority

The last one but not least important in this checklist of signs you are in a sincere relationship is that you place your relationship at top priority. Nevertheless, this does not mean you place your partner up over everyone or everything else and you care for their every whim. It also does not mean you put yourself last or your let yourself be neglected at your hands. It just means that, at many times, you have to make a dilemma decision  between choosing your relationship and other aspects of your life. In addition, sincerity in a relationship is also shown when you compromise on your personal needs to let your relationship remain operative and congenial. The key is you know when to place your relationship above anything else and you know that is worth and deserved your sacrifice.