10 warning signs you are losing interest in your relationship

It is difficult to know if you should stick to a relationship or stop your losses and move on. A lot of relationship fails for different reasons. That is not a terrible thing. It is just for the best. After the breakup, people take away the life lessons and move on. However, it is still a difficult decision to make. Sometimes, things stop because people are just fighting all the time. If it is your case, then it is a sign to know when you should end a relationship. Nonetheless, in many relationships, it just begins to fee boring and old. Everything begins to feel like a daily routine, and people do not feel like their relationship will go anywhere. It might be the time to break up too.

However, even the feeling of losing interest, of staleness, could be misleading. It can be because of some external factors or it might just mean that you need to try new things and get out of the rut. Yet, it can also mean that it is the time for you to cut your hurt and move on.

So How Could You Know If It Is Just A Stage Or The End?

Well, if you feel like you are losing interest in your love and in your partner, then you should not skip these signs you are losing interest in your relationship, collected by WikiYeah. Some information in this article is referred by Psychology Today and Huffington Post.

Signs you are losing interest in your relationship

1. Heavy Lift

In most normal relationships, spending time together should not feel like an obligation or a chore. Do you feel slightly dreaded before seeing your partner? That is one of signs you are losing interest in your relationship. Do you feel mentally drained or exhausted after spending time with your partner? It is time for you to move on.

2. Have No Motivation To Move

Assume that you have plans of meeting each other, but you cannot seem to stand up and go out, then you should question why you keep still being in the relationship. Usually, you will be glued to the laptop for the fifth time. You do not enjoy yourself and also do not want to walk out of the door for that meeting. Maybe, it is a subtle sign of depression, yet if you still feel okay otherwise, it may be a sign of losing interest in your relationship.

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3. No Need Of The Accompany Of Your Significant Other

If you find your boyfriend or girlfriend rarely or even never your top option when you need someone to spend time with, you had better ask yourself the reason behind it. It is not necessary your partner to be always the first person that you want to spend time with, but it does matter if this happens every time. If you feel great when hanging out with your friends but you never want to invite your partner along, then it may be time to get out of your relationship.

4. Constant Bother

When you go through a bad day, do little things that should not be a big deal just make you annoyed? You know that situation, right? One of the signs you are losing interest in your relationship is that your partner continually annoys you or makes you feel this way. It is likely that things that they used to do before that you found endearing or cute are not the triggers of your annoyance. It can be a sign you are not in love anymore.

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