10 warning signs you are losing interest in your relationship

5. Continuous Fights

Fights are a part of most relationships. It is necessary to be a bad thing. In some cases, it helps strengthen your relationship if you could manage your anger well. However, continual fights are bad. And if you are the one who starts most of the fights, and you even do not realize that you are doing so, it is time to think about ending your relationship. That is not fair to your significant other when you continuously start fights just because you want to get out of the relationship.

6. Loss Of Intimacy

Intimacy is important in romantic relationships. Kisses and hugs are among first casualties when a person starts losing their interest in their significant other. The intimate, small things that were there at the beginning just do not occur anymore. It can be the hug, hand holding, or goodnight kisses. If you get bored of your relationship, these things will be likely to be absent.

7. Boredom In The Bedroom

Among signs you are losing interest in your relationship, this is an obvious sign. If you lose interest in your bedroom, you are losing interest in your whole relationship as well. The desire of physical intimacy could go up and down for different reasons from internal to external, so you should be careful with it.

It will become a serious problem to your relationship if you do not want to have physical intimacy with your partner as much as you used to. If after trying things up in your bedroom or bringing almost possible things to your intimate routine, you still cannot find that desire back, then it is sign for you to reconsider the relationship.
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