10 warning signs you are losing interest in your relationship

8. Eyes For Someone

This is a common sign of a stale and tired relationship. Wandering eyes for another woman or man is a warning sign of losing interest in the relationship. It is not necessary to be a bad thing, yet if it gets constant and you stop thinking about your partner in a sexual light, you should carry out self-examination.

9. Non-Disclosure

Normally, at the beginning of a relationship, people start confiding a lot in their partner. This does not necessarily to be your dark secrets. It may be a problem you are coping with in your office. It can be about your work day. However, if you stop sharing these things, even important things, it can be a sign you are tired of your relationship.

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10. Boredom

The last but not least important among signs you are losing interest in your relationship is feeling bored. Sometimes, a relationship will come to a point of bored. Yet, you should not misunderstand between general boredom of your life and boredom in a relationship. Just ask yourself this: if you were to break up, would you feel less or more bored? You might just need to work with your partner in order to find how to reignite the relationship. Some suggestions to do could be going to new places, trying something new, and learning to respark the romance in your intimacy life. But if after doing everything without results and you feel like that breakup will cure that boredom, then you should do it.

In fact, it is no way to go back after deciding to end a relationship, so you should think hard before making that decision. These are signs are an indication of changing up something in your relationship. They all have the underlying causes, so don’t take these signs light.

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