12 warning signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

Are you ready to be in a relationship? Well, if you are in a relationship, you may think that, “Sure, I am ready. It is what I have been waiting for such a long time. I just know how I could get one started happily.”

I am not intending to argue that you want a real relationship, but I just ask if you are really ready for a real relationship. That is a question that is hard to answer, as it entails looking at yourself and your values, behaviors, attitudes in an honest, open and real way. That is not easy at all for most of us.

This article, made by Wikiyeah.com, is for those who rush into relationships. Actually, relationship happen, and should happen naturally, they could not be forced and rushed. Before you start a relationship with either the wrong significant other or Mr. Right at the wrong time, you should read on the whole article to check out all signs you are not ready to be in a relationship. If you are having any of these warning signs, then you should work out on yourself before you could be in a happy, healthy relationship with someone.
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Signs You Are Not Ready To Be In A Relationship – 12 Warning Signals

signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

1. You Need A Man To Feel Happy

If you feel miserable if you are not coupled up, you are not really ready to be in a relationship. If you get an invitation to an event or party and you do not have a guy to bring with, and you are about to make up an excuse, pass up the night and sit at home feeling sorry for yourself as you are so alone, then you should not rush into a relationship.

Are you spending the whole night out of Googling “best places to meet men” and reading a lot of articles about what men find attractive in a woman rather than doing what would make you happy like going to the event that you are invited to? If so, then it is one of subtle signs you are not ready to be in a relationship. The truth is that if you did meet a perfect man whilst in this mindset, you would hold so tight so rapidly that you would likely strangle the relationship anyway.

2. You Are Not Happy

Many people think relationships are a path to happiness, but that is not totally true. It relies on where you are in life. If you are the person who feels unhappy about life, then relationships could not make you happy. You just burden the other person and take off their happiness to complement the needs to be happy yourself.
If you feel unhappy with yourself in your own, what you need to do is to work on yourself first. It is necessary for you to be a happy person before getting into a committed relationship with someone else. When you feel happy, your partner will be happy by being around you. Two of you could share the happiness of each other for a better relationship. Hence, solve the problems of yourself first, enjoy life and love yourself before loving any other.
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3. You Still Don’t Get Over Your Ex

Another subtle signal when it comes to signs you are not ready to be in a relationship is that the not-getting-over-your-ex-yet. If you still miss him / her, or you still have certain triggers which immediately remind you of him / her, then are absolutely not ready to be in a real relationship. Remember, your past is yours only, you could not and should not bring that baggage into the life of someone else who expects to have your attention and love.

You are not fair with the new one if the images or even thoughts of your ex keep haunting you. That is just a rebound of your ex. Having a rebound is a definite no-no, as you could not play with the feelings and life of someone like that. It is better to deal with past first before getting into a new committed relationship. So, in this case, learn how to get over your ex first.

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