12 warning signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

4. You Are Too Busy, Or Even More

This is rather logic, but not many of us seem skip it to rush into a relationship. If you could hardly spend time on even yourself, how could you spend time for another significant other? You should not promise someone else your “precious” time if you could not take time out for yourself. You are a busy individual, who could not even take adequate time out for your family and friends, then you just make your personal life harder by engaging in a relationship.
Hence, if you want to fix this, then you need to take time for yourself, fix work hours and timings, have a healthy and appropriate schedule and make sure that your family and friends are happy with the amount of time you offer them. That way, you could share your time with someone else you want to spend your life with. No one is entirely free in this world, and relationships takes time and effort to build up. So, set your priorities properly and straight.

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5. You Are Not Sure About Your Feelings

Are you sure that you really love that person because who they are? Recently, you ask someone out, or vice versa and you say yes. But, spend time on thinking about this: do you find yourself thinking of reasons why you are with them or love them? If yes, then you should not be in that relationship. You do not need any reason to love, it JUST HAPPENS and is natural.

Actually, it is a beautiful feeling which is just right, and could never be explained with real words and actions. Thus, if you are not sure of your feelings, then think about you are not sure and find a real solution for it.

6. You Have Problems With Trust

This might be not clear so much, but it is still one of signs you are not ready to be in relationship you should watch for. All of us grow a lot of trust problems at some point of life based on our previous experiences. We go through such experiences making us either give up on trust entirely or becomes extremely cautions of who and how we trust.

However, life is not as bad as we used to think, life simply has ups and downs. What we have just met in the past do not present for the whole life in the future. Oftentimes, we let our downs hurt us so much than it should.

So, what you should do now is to work on your trust issues to regain hope in trust. Don’t commit to someone quickly if you are about to kill them with insecurities.

7. You Want A Savior

This seems rather similar the first signal in this list of signs you are ready to be in a relationship. Yet, this is more specific. Relationships could not save you, they could not take a bad life of you, could not fix all your problems and are not for those who have selfish demands. Just you, only you could save your life and bring traumas out of your life. Once you could get rid of these problems, you do not need a savior anymore. And, that is the right time for you to fall in love with someone.

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