12 warning signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

8. You Love Drama

Do you love dramas? If yes, you should rethink about the decision of being in a new relationship with someone else. You need to be simple and pure person before sharing a life with a significant other person. In reality, I have some friends who had dramatic situations, and people with the love for drama do not get too far in the real life and soon end up with being sad or alone. If you love drama, you will definitely bring a lot of it into your relationship. As a result, the relationship will be ruined due to such dramas. Hence, be a loving person, and do not fret about other people, do not care too much about other’s problems; instead, just focus on making your life much better.

9. You Think Relationships Are All

The most common problem with those people having unhappy relationships is that they think relationships are all. If you think relationships are all in your life, then you are wrong and totally not ready for a serious relationship. Relationships, in fact, are just meant to help you improve your life, not BECOME your life. Instead, you should be a person who feels happy without the demand of being in a relationship, be complete, and be selfness. Only then, you just can be in a relationship.

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10. You Try To Save Someone Else

In this list of signs you are not ready to be in a relationship, this sign is in opposite view of the #7. Don’t just rush into a relationship just because you think you could save someone’s life, change their life, or make them happy. Just as you should not expect to be saved by a relationship, you could not be a savior of someone’s life either. If you still keep doing so, chances are, they will not be saved in the end.

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11. You Have To Change Yourself For Others

Don’t ever be in a relationship that expects you to change yourself and be a complete new one. A healthy, happy relationship could make you give up your bad habits, yet it never makes you forget your instincts. If you feel like someone else who you are going to be in a relationship with is trying to ask you to change so many things about who you really are, then do not compromise that and stay single till you could find someone who accept you for the person who you really are.

12. You Are Desperate

One of the biggest reasons of most failed relationships is being desperate. You could not be a desperate person who gives off a negative vibe and is not liked by most people. Those desperate people often get into flings making them guilty later. In fact, someone might actually have special feelings for you but being desperate may push them away as it is an unattractive characteristic to own. Even if when someone likes you for being desperate, they are wrong for you as they are also desperate themselves. So, be happy and be content with where you are being in life. Don’t run after love. Instead, let love happens on its own.

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Well, hope that you have learnt something useful for your relationship. If any of the signs above sound like you, you need to begin looking inward and carefully make some changes to your current life to get yourself really ready to be in a relationship.

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