13 Big Signs You are the Sensitive One in the Relationship

Let’s be honest: relationships are rather complex and not all relationships are naturally created equal. And in relationships, not all people are created equal. There is a disparity between the levels of sensitivity in a relationship. That is normal. More often than not, there will be a partner who is more emotionally impacted by certain situation more than the other. As a result, they will end up being more empathetic and emotionally vulnerable.

But, a relationship will always have problems if a partner is doing more than the other. Not many people could let go of it when they seem to give more than what they could receive. For sensitive people, it even becomes a greater deal. The key here is finding a middle ground between the differences between two partners and building a foundation of love that will develop over time.

How do you know if you are more sensitive than your partner? Fortunately, here are tell-tale signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship. Check out from WikiYeah.com!

13 Clear And Subtle Signs You Are The Sensitive One In The Relationship

Signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship

1. You Pay Attention To Little Details Of Your Partner

This is the clearest sign when it comes to signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship. If you always like to pay close attention to even the smallest details about your partner, then you may be more sensitive than him. You remember all dates, birthdays, memories, favorite movies, restaurants, songs or old anecdotes and some seemingly unimportant things. You

2. You Second Guess The Words Or Actions Of Someone

If you are always the person to second guess someone’s behaviors, know that you are the sensitive one in the relationship.  Sometimes, it is good, but if you predict a lot of things in advance due to your apprehensive nature. It saves you from being hurt, and also stops you from hurting your partner.

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3. You Ugly Cry

Because you are emotional and sensitive, so you do not cry elegantly or perfectly as beautiful actresses / actors do in the movies. You cry a lot when you are in front of your partner. At the same time, you also re-think your life decisions.

4. You Do Not Feel Comfortable When Making Decisions Related To Your Relationship

If you are afraid of the decision you make may lead to disaster, then you may be emotionally sensitive than your partner in the relationship. Because you do not want to be blamed all the responsibilities, so you try to leave yourself out of the process of making decisions. Even making choices about what to eat and where to go also scares you. You do not want to make wrong decisions, so you avoid being the first or taking lead in any circumstance at all.

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5. You Remember Your Mistakes For Prolonged Periods Of Time

You concerns about the bad things you said about the choice of your partner about their clothes, you may be over-sensitive. Such things seem to stick with you for so long and you are afraid that they could be used against you in the upcoming time.

6. You Blame Yourself When There Is A Problem In Your Relationship

For example, your partner gets mad, and even you do not understand why he does it, you still blame that problem on yourself. Maybe, your partner is upset over something happening at their official and instantly you assume that you are the one triggering their anger. You seem paranoid and never want to be the reason of your partner’s madness.

7. You Always Define Exactly Things Bothering You

You are extremely in tune with your feelings and emotions and are self-aware of your sensitivities that you could precisely identify their triggers. You know exactly things bothering you at almost any moment as you are familiar with these experiences.

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8. You Feel What Your Partner Is Feeling

Another signal in this list of signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship is that you have a high level of empathy. In fact, sensitive people are hyper-aware of how their partners are feeling all the time. You can feel any emotion and feeling of your partner. Whenever your loved one experiences of high levels of emotions, you always try to wave along with him/her. Carrying the burden of another person’s feelings may certainly be exhausting, but you feel strangely happy to do it.

9. You Get Upset When Criticism Thrusts

You take big offense at your partner when he/she tries to criticize you, even when the criticism is constructive and justified. You do not want to receive criticism as you refuse to admit your weaknesses or flaws. If there is someone who analyzes you characters and personality traits, you seem to get overly emotional.

10. You Like Surprises And Spontaneity

People who like spontaneity and surprises may be more sensitive than others, be it a kiss out of the blue or a little compliment in a crowd or a surprise day off from your daily. All of such things mean a lot for you. This is also great for the relationship because you are majorly the person who keeps the love and sparks alive even after so many years.

11. You Are Mistaken For Being The Shy Partner In The Relationship

Many people think that sensitive people always introverts; however, this is not true. One of signs you are the sensitive on in the relationship is that people assume you are the shy one in the relationship. Your own brain is on overdrive, analyzing how you feel and what you think at every time, so sometimes it is totally natural for you to retreat somewhat. In fact, sensitive people do not like to put themselves in those uncomfortable situations. This triggers your partner assume that you need to avoid conflicts because you are timid, but in fact you just do not want to upset anyone else.

12. People Tell You To Not Take Things Too Personally

If you always hear people tell you not to take things too personally, know that it is one of signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship. You are very serious in regard to handling emotions and could not lighten up.

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13. You Feel Like You Give More Love Than What You Receive

The last but not least important sign among signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship is that you always feel like you are giving more love than what your partner is giving. Feelings and emotions are very important in your life. You always feel like the love bottled up inside you is so much, and you just want to give it to other people. At the same time, you feel like no one can give you the same level of love that you could give to them. Then, it is among signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship.

Now, after reading this checklist of 13 signs you are the sensitive one in the relationship, can you answer the question: “Are you the sensitive one in the relationship?” How does it affect you? Share it with us and stay blessed and keep your life going!