13 clear & subtle signs you are too available & needy for him

Nobody likes someone who is always available. Where’s the fun in that? No matter how much you want to spend time with your partner, being too available can have its downfalls.

Being too available could make a person seem desperate. Well, dating is a game and playing hard to get is an age old dating tip, yet most women have the opposite issue: being to available. When being asked, men usually relate this characteristic to desperation. If you are too available to your partner, you might seem needy and desperate. This might provoke the partner to take you for granted. In relationships, less is more.

So how can you know if you are a desperate dater? Oftentimes, this is hard to discover, as there are a lot of signs you are too available for him, and most of them seem reasonable. Yet, if you want to make sure that you are not a desperate, needy dater, then you should read the following list, made by WikiYeah. Here, we uncover needy signs you are too available for him. Some information in this entry is referred from Gurl and YourTango.

Signs you are too available for him

1. You Rarely Say “No” In Your Daily Life

This might be among clear signs you are too available for him. The point is that if you go through life without saying no just in order to please other people, then you are too needy. If your answer towards his question or requirement is constant “yes”, you are too available. Don’t you want to watch a movie rather than going to a car show? Well, learn the power of “NO”.

2. You Apologize Instantly

If you often apologize him incessantly because you think that you are appeasing your partner by saying “I am sorry”, this may be one of signs of being insecure. You are not doing anybody any favor by asking for their forgiveness.
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3. You Instantly Reply To Any Text Or Call From Him

Suppose that you are having a bath, you hear a signal of someone’s message or call, and you think that it is his call or text. That case, you try to do all in the most hurrying way possible to reply that instantly. Yet, you should not text back if you are having a shower. That is among big signs you are too available for him. It is acceptable to reply instantly if you are not busy with anything, but if you are in the mess of brushing your teeth and having to spit all out instantly in order to communicate, then you have problems.

4. You Apologize For Missing Calls Or Texts

This sign is rather similar to the second sign, but more specific. The second you see a missed text or call as you were in an appointment or taking a quick nap, do you instantly call back and apologize or explaining yourself? This sounds more desperate than being nice. Rather than, you can say a quick saying, “Oh sorry, what did you need?” It will make you more mysterious and like you have your own life outside of the relationship.

5. You Start Most Of The Conversations

Texting your partner many times per day and chatting about his own day seems not just too available, yet slightly desperate also. In case you are too busy with your life, you should not have time to text or call 30 times per day.

6. You Accept Last-Minute Dates

If it is 4 pm at Friday, he calls you (and you pick up right on the first ring) and asks if you would like to have a dinner at 6 pm, and you say yes even when you have already eaten a pizza or prepared to lie down on the couch, then you are too needy. Really, it is one of signs you are too available for him.

7. You Allow Them To Change The Fixed Schedule At Last Minutes

Maybe it is 5 pm and you have just freshly showered, yet gotten a message saying something “came up”. This message say something like he feels sorry because he have just met…As a result, you have to get on your boring evening. Well, in fact, letting your boyfriend change the schedule at the last minutes without fuss does not mean that you understand him. It just means you are too desperate and do not mind the random change in plans. Let him know that his delayed or canceled plans are not welcomed and you are not a doormat.

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8. You Cancel Plans With Others To Do Something With Him

This is the most common problems among girls. When you cancel plans that you have made with other people just to please your partner, it is a sure-fire sign you are too available and needy to him.

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9. You Don’t Makes Plans With Others In The Expectations That He Will Do Something With You

Once again, this sounds rather ridiculous, but it does happen popularly. If you have been invited out on a Sunday night by your friends, but you say no as you think your boyfriend may be able to do something with you, then you are too available in the bad way. You just passively wait for someone who is not necessarily interested.

10. Whenever He Questions, You Tell Him That You Are Not Busy

This happens even though you are sunk in work or dipped into a new favorite. Or, perhaps, because you always tell him you are no busy, that makes him always ask you to do something. Despite it is not actually too available, but if you are just pretending to be no busy, then it is also bad as being too available.

11. Your Friends Say That You Are Too Desperate Or Available

Girls, you should also listen to your friends. Sometimes, just because they are not the ones in your own situation, it does not just mean all they say are not true. If your friends tell you that you are too available, also known as: not making plans with them or ditching them, then it is among sure signs you are too available for him.

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12. You Regularly Ask Him To Spend Time With You

Another sign to watch for when it comes to if you are too available or not, this might be most overlooked. If you ask him daily to date you, he will realize that you do not have much outside of being around with him, meaning that you don’t have your own life. Instead, you should let him ask you and sometimes, say “no”. Find something to fill in the time you are not date him.

13. You Plan Your Life Around His Schedule

If you ask him, “Should I do …? Hmm, if I do, I will not be able to have a dinner with you in …” If you plan your own life around the schedule of your special one and do not take part in any activity as you may be spend time with him, it means that you are too available, which is unnecessary.

Well, spending time with your boyfriend is always great, yet when you are too desperate and available; it could have some side effects. You are just desperate, yet bland and uninteresting. The chase is necessary, particularly in the early stages of a relationship, and is part of the happy, so you should give your guy something to chase after.