13 warning & subtle signs you are wasting time on him

Are you falling in love with your crush? Let’s face it, men could captivate us with a flirtatious wink or a dazzling smile, yet have you ever thought that you are wasting your time on him? Some guys have an ability of reeling in a girl and keeping her captivated, even if they have definitely no intention of taking a relationship seriously. Maybe you are ready to settle down with him but he is not, which sometimes occurs.

Actually, some relationships begin sweet, then turn sour; whereas, other relationships just do not feel right from the early stage. But, it seems that people involved ignore the red flags as it is hard to admit the person they are dating with is not suitable for them.

If you find yourself doubting the relationship that you are in, then it might be because you should not be in it. Read the signs you are wasting on him here to recognize whether or not your relationship should be kept or not.
This article, made by WikiYeah, contains some information referred from Allwomenstalk and Psychologytoday.

Signs you are wasting time on him

1. He Hasn’t Taken You On A Date Yet

This might be one of the clearest signs you are wasting time on him. If you have not been asked out to go on a date yet just for a few days ago, then it is normal. However, if you have been messaging back and forth for some time now or perhaps you have some mutual friends with him who see him out , then you should pay attention to this red flag as he has not made a move to ask you out yet.

2. He Is Not Over His Ex

One of the most subtle but dangerous signs you are wasting time on him is that he is not over his ex. That case, you should reconsider the relationship with him. Does he keep talking about his ex, even in the first date? The last thing a hopeful girl wants to hear on a potential first date is about the girl who broke his heart. Most of us suffer from failed relationships. A failed relationship not only hurt us, but also does long lasting damage. It affects our ability of loving and living a better life.

When we try to move on from the past and change ourselves for the better, we need someone who helps us live new and better experiences rather than giving us constant reminders of our past mistakes.

This is one of the cheapest attacks that a person could make against you. If you are dating with someone who could not let go of his or even your past, then it is better for you to move on and find someone who will.

3. You Do Not Know Much About Him

A signal that the relationship is just a superficial one is when you realize that you really know very little about the man you are dating. It can be that you have not ever bothered to ask any question about him, or that he is trying to hide something from you. Either way, if you are serious about the relationship with him, then you should know something about his past, his favorites, likes, dislikes and more.

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4. You Run Out Of Things To Talk About When Being With Him

In a relationship which will soon go nowhere, people have probably already run out of things to talk about. In a long lasting, healthy relationship, you could chat with each other all day long without awkward silences. But, for some, awkward silences are sometimes still available, particularly in the early stage of the relationship. In such case, you need to learn how to avoid awkward silences.

5. He Has Not Introduced You To His Friends Or Family

A committed man will encourage you to be friends with his friends or family, yet also treat you like his woman in front of them. Nevertheless, if he backs off with you around his family or friends, then he may be trying to send the signals that things are not entirely settled yet.

In worse cases, if you have no idea who his friends are and have not met his parents, perhaps he does not see you as a permanent fixture in the long run.

6. You Don’t Feel Comfortable Around Him

If you could not be yourself around him, do not feel comfortable and even feel like you are playacting for his benefit, it is one of signs you are wasting time on him. Everyone will try to put on good show in first dates of a new relationship, yet after that, both of you should feel relaxed when being with each other and not feel any need of pretending for the other person’s benefit.

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7. You Two Do Not Agree On Basic Issues

In a relationship, if two parties strongly disagree with each other on basic or fundamental things such as morals, religion, or politics, then it could be a red flag of future disaster. You may be able to bite your tongue at first, yet can you do that forever?

8. You Are The Only One Who Do The Running Of Relationship

If you are the one who initiates everything, then it is one of the signs you are wasting time on him. Are you the only one who suggests dates or meetings up? If yes, it shows that he is not enthusiastic enough for the relationship in his part. It can be that he simply does not have the courage to say to you about the end of the relationship.

9. He Does Not Put You As His Priority

A healthy, happy relationship is the one in which two parties get the priorities of the other person. Everyone has the right to live a personal life outside of the relationship, yet you should still be the first priority of your guy. In case you do not feel that, then maybe he does not take you seriously enough.

10. You Always Question Of His Moves

In a romantic relationship, jealousy is inevitable. Yet, for most times, it is an ugly feeling. If there are surges of anger that are bottled up inside you as you feel that you could not figure out where he goes or what he does when not being around you, then you should stop wasting your time on that guy as you sanity and health is worth much more than just feeling stuck in a relationship and question about insecurity and doubt. Your guy should make your feel secured, loved and special.

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11. He Is Defensive, Not Receptive

A man who is not supportive and does not try to make the attempt to hear what you have to say should be not be the one you spend your time on. Just imagine that if you live with each other in the long term, how you could understand each other if the other person does not want to hear your thought and does not want to cooperate to make the relationship better.

12. You Do Not Feel Wanted By Him

The experience of not feeling wanted by your guy is among surefire signs you are wasting time on him. For example, if you find that each times you express your bubbly, fun, or quirky side and just simply feel like he smiles and brushes it off, then he may does not really care about you. It is a big no no, girls!!!! You deserved to feel loved and wanted by men.

13. You Could Not Imagine The Future Together

In reality, some people may be great and you like hanging out with them, yet if you try to picture what your relationship will look like in about five upcoming years, and you come up with blank, maybe it is not necessary for me to say that you are with the wrong one, right?

When you begin planning events for the future, you should also begin looking for the exit signal.

It occurs all the time when you meet a person with whom you feel have good chemistry, yet sometimes it does not always ignite for the right reasons. Sometimes, you realize how compatible two of you are, yet for some reasons, you start fighting to maintain the relationship. Perhaps, this occurs due to all the attempt you already dedicated towards it or perhaps because you feel you should try due to what you once were or perhaps you just do not know how to end it as you do not want to hurt him.

Hence, if the one you are with now makes you doubt the future together, then something’s wrong. Do not hide from your own instinct and persuade yourself that things will finally get better, as if your heart tells you that something’s wrong, then it might be.