9 clear signs you are with a real man

This entry is made for the ladies. We are living in a crazy world and the world keeps getting crazy daily. There are a large number of women think that “real men” do not exist anymore, but that is not true. Actually, chivalry is still available, even very much. Just a few bad men may make the rest good people look bad, it is only the way that things are, and it is rather sad. Being a man, I never thought of myself as a “perfect man” as I do not being labeling by the standards given by the society. Instead, I just like to do what I feel right, I learn daily, I live in order to learn and I follow that rule. So, this entry is made basing on the personal experience and the things that I have concluded from a lot of other men, who set out an instance for the half of the world. Take a look from WikiYeah to know clear signs you are with a real man!

Signs You Are With A Real Man – 9 Signals To Watch For

Signs you are with a real man

1. He Appreciates You For The Person You Are

When it comes to signs you are with a real man, maybe his respect for the person who you are is the first and foremost signal to pay attention to. He will never try to change you into a certain person for his selfish reasons. He respects you for your own individuality. He makes sure that you feel proud about the one you really are and tries with all of his will and power. In fact, a real man will really respect the decisions made by you and will not criticize you in every step. In case that you fail, he will not bring it up to hurt you or put you down.

2. He Loves Your Smartness More Than Your Appearance

What do guys like in a girl besides her appearance? A lucid man knows that appearance and beauty is temporary. Among other things, it will sooner or later disappear. The more important thing to him is your intelligence and individuality. He does not fall in love with you only due to your looks but due to the person you are, due to your humor, due to how you make him feel, he is not the one to pay heed to whether you are wearing the best dress or the right amount of makeup, he will love you in your everyday appearance, even when you do not wear any make up or in your pajamas.

3. He Gives You More Than Takes From You

Another signal in many subtle signs you are with a real man is give-take. A real man is really selfless; he understands love is not all about equal give-take, the ratio sometimes might get a little bit imbalanced and it is okay in the eyes of your man as he is still do the most he could do for you. He knows that selfless deeds will have a higher reward and are never be unnoticed. Selfless deeds will give him a sense of satisfaction and happiness that are hardly found anywhere else. He will keep giving you his 100% no matter how you are treating him as he never gives up on your relationship.

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