10 warning signs you are with the wrong person

Incompatibility is spreading like wildfire and it is impacting many relationships. A good relationship is supposed to boost your life, make you better and happier, improve your self-confidence, make you believe stronger in your decision and everything good in life will become clearer, that is what a good relationship does while the bad one does things the opposite. This entry will focus on 10 types of situations, if you are in any of these, then you should be cautious, because you might be with the wrong person. So, how do you recognize warning signs you are with the wrong person? Let’s start from WikiYeah!

10 Biggest Signs You Are With The Wrong Person – Are You With The Right Person?

Signs you are with the wrong person

1. They Continuously Remind You Of Your Past

One of the most noticeable signs you are with the wrong person is that they try to bring you down by any means necessary and in this case, they bring your past come back. Why? The reason may be because they are not happy in their lives or they are jealous of you. They give you constant reminders of your sad past mistakes even when you have changed and now are a new version of yourself. They will not let you change, but make you think that you could never change and always repeat those mistakes. This negative energy should not pull you back into the darkness from which you used to come out of. Using the past of someone to attack them is considered as among the cheapest of attacks and if your significant other uses it against you, then it is the time to find someone better.

2. They Do Not Respect Your Desires

Relationships should help you gain your goals, and achieve your ambitions and dreams. If you are being with someone who keeps trying to tell you that you have too far-fetched ambitions or dreams, then they should not be with you. The reason they keep doing so is not because they hate you, but because they hate their lives and never had the motivation to dream like you.

3. They Lie To You Constantly

They lie to you constantly

Lies are lies no matter how small or harmless they are. Bad people lie, and they lie in order to hide their mistakes. Bad people will lie to you more than once, either to make you think about something that does not available or to take the blame off of their heads. Loyalty and trust are two important elements of a relationship. The smallest lies will lead to bigger ones, and even the biggest of mistakes that end relationships. So, if they really love you, they could not lie to you.

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4. Your Time Is Not Respected

The next one when it comes to signs you are with the wrong person is they do not respect your time. Are you in a relationship where you find yourself spending much of your time on your significant other but you do not get anything in return? They may explain that they are too busy to do the same for you, but as I used to say in previous articles about relationships, it is all about priorities. If they sincerely love you, then it does not matter how busy they are, they will always have a way to spend time to do something in favor for you, and never make you feel like you are painfully being ignored.

5. You Feel Suffocated

You feel suffocated

If you are in a relationship which makes you suffocated like being in a cage or a trap, or the thought of speaking your mind causes a shiver down your own spine, then you should reconsider about the thought of being with your partner. This is among clear signs you are with the wrong person. This feeling is so horrible and one of the worst feelings when you have to keep your thoughts inside. Find someone who can let you speak your mind and still love you for it.


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6. They Try To Change You

No one has the right to change your individuality. You are a unique person and you are beautiful in your own way. No one could take that away from you. Being in a happy relationship means your partner should love you for the way you are and never try to change you into something that you are not. If you are with the one who constantly tries to change you, then find another one who can appreciate you and cherish your characteristic.

7. They Suck Life Out Of You

They suck life out of you

No matter how positive you are, if you are with the person who is evil and negative, you will still be affected by them. You are slowly about to begin thinking and talking like them. You will go from being a healthy, happy person to the one you would never want to be. If you are in such a relationship where you feel like your energy is drained from you day by day, then free yourself from that negative energy.

8. They Put Down Your Abilities

If your person truly loves you, then they will always strengthen your abilities and encourage you to become a stronger person. However, the wrong partner will slowly take your own abilities away from you, and make you feel ashamed of or low about yourself, they make you feel like you are not good at anything. You should be with someone who can make you feel like you are special in your own way.

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9. You Never Feel Like You Are “Good Enough”

You never feel like you are “good enough”

If your partner does not have anything nice to say, you may be dating the wrong person. In addition to be feeling happy, an individual in a good relationship often has a positive self-esteem. Of course, they will have some insecurities and doubts (who does not?), but the time t hey spend with their loved one will make them feel better about themselves, not worse. However, in contrary, if your partner exacerbates your own doubts and undermines your confidence, then it is time to stand up for your own and say a goodbye.

10. You Avoid Difficult Situations

If every chats which seems difficult gets swept under the rug, you may be with the wrong person.

Should you bring up things like religion, politics, favorite sexual positions, something else like having three children in the future on the first date? Of course, no. However, as the months and years go on, it will become more and more crucial to have these tough but essential conversations. If you wish to have children while your partner does not, you are not at the same page. If your religion is the top priority, but your partner is not a follower, you should have a chat.

Have you ever been in similar situations? Feel free to share your experiences below this post. Stay blessed and keep your love alive!