7 signs you are with your partner for the wrong reasons

It is rather easy to stay in a relationship even when you acknowledge it is not going to last. At the beginning, you will look beyond the flaws of your partner and the shortcoming of the relationship, keeping the hope that things will be okay and will change over time. Afterwards, when you are in that relationship for a long period of time, you realize that it is not as good or happy as you expect, but you still stay as you fear being on your own once again. Well, relationships could be one of the best things in this world once you feel happy and believe that you are with the right person; however, what if you are not?

Sometimes, people stay with their partner for some certain reasons other than love and happiness and that is not fair on you or them. Below, we from Wikiyeah.com gather some signs you are with your partner for the wrong reasons. Take a look!

7 Fool-Proof Signs You Are With Your Partner For The Wrong Reasons

Signs you are with your partner for the wrong reasons

1. You Do Not Think You Will Find Anyone Else Better

This could be a big thing for many people. Perhaps, you are not confident enough to meet new people or maybe, you are day-by-day getting older and worry that it will be late to find love once again or perhaps you only worry that there is nobody else for you out there. Regardless of your reason, it is not a proper reason to be in a relationship which you are not happy in. Who knows, by staying in your relationship, you are missing the opportunity to find the right guy / girl for you who can make you truly happy.

2. You Feel Scared Of Being Alone

Some individuals love their independence and feel like they do not need to be in a relationship in order to be happy. That is fine, but some people do not like the idea of being alone.  When you are in a relationship, your partner is the one who calls you after a hardworking, stressful day, so you want to be with that partner as you do not want to cope with everything on your own. However, remember that you have friends as well as family to be there to lend a shoulder for you to lean on. Though it might not be the same, it is always better than staying in an unhappy relationship.

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3. You Are Afraid That You Will Hurt Them

Perhaps, you have doubts about your relationship’s future but your partner is totally in love with you and do not expect a breakup with you. You understand that ending things will surely break their heart.

Even, you feel you are not in love anymore but you still care about them; thus, the thought of causing them pain or breaking up with them is a hard on. This is one of the signs you are with your partner for the wrong reasons. You need to realize that it is just get more difficult in the long term and despite it will hurt, it is still better to be honest with yourself instead of keeping them hanging on as you know it will not go anywhere.

4. It Is Easy To Ignore Your Feelings

You might feel like a breakup is hard and it is easy for two of you to ignore your own feelings and not say anything about it. You might be going through a stressful time and think that saying out just adds pain to it. For now, it might seem like it is easier to say nothing, yet remember that it just gets worse in the long run.

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5. You Do Not Want To Lose Them

If you and your partner were friends before becoming lovers, then this is relevant. Friendship could be a good basis for a romantic relationship, but chances are that friendship will be ruined if the relationship ends.

This is considered among the most difficult things as you might not love your partner as previous, but the thought of losing them could be hard.

6. You Can’t Bear When Thinking That Someone Will Have Them

Among signs you are in a relationship for the wrong reasons, this is a selfish one. Many people would be ashamed to confess it, yet sometimes they may. You might not want to be with your partner anymore, yet sometimes, the thought that they will start a relationship and build a new life with another person could hurt- particularly if they did whilst you were still single.

The major thing to remember is that if you truly care for your partner, you will want them to be happy.

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7. You Do Not Dare To Cope With What May Happen

This is especially relevant if your relationship lasts for a certain period of time. You get used to your current routine, your general life with that special person and when you think about the reality when your life might not have them, you get nervous. It is a scary thought, yet try to think of it as a chance to change your life for the new rather than a fear. Nothing in your life is certain, so you should be brave and take the risk. If you don’t, you will regret more.

If the reasons above have yours, then you should have a talk with your partner soon and decide what your upcoming steps need to be.