14 Signs Your Best Friend is Jealous of Your Relationship

Have you ever thought that there is someone is jealous of your relationship and that “someone” is your best friend?  

Assume that you and your friend have met a man whom you really like, and your friend does not seem as satisfied about it as she ought to. She also likes him. She and you have been dreaming about having him as a boyfriend. The question is: Why is not she happy for your relationship? Is she jealous as she has not found a similar “good” guy yet? Or, is she jealous that she is not your priority anymore?

This article on WikiYeah.com will show you 14 warning subtle signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship. Check out below!

14 Clear & Subtle Signs Your Best Friend is Jealous of Your Relationship

Signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship

1. She Hates Hearing About Your Relationship

Regarding signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship, if she starts to sigh or shut you down when you talk about your boyfriend or your relationship, then it is a red flag. True friends will feel happy for their friends’ happiness. Maybe, it is time to ask your friend whether or not she feels left out. Spend time for her. Sometimes, changes in friendships may trigger the irrational behaviors of others.

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2. She Becomes Passive Aggressive

The truth is, nobody favors this behavior. If a friend seems to agree to something but from inside, she means something else, then it is very annoying. In accordance with Psychology Today, jealousy is really a complex emotion containing different types of feelings, such as fear of abandonment, rage and humiliation. Jealousy rises in both males and females when there is a threat to a perceived, valued relationship. Despite some people say that jealousy is an essential emotion as it maintains social bonds, often times jealousy does more harm than good, which creates relationship strife and conflict.

If you notice any passive aggressive behavior from your best friend regarding jealousy, then she might mask her fear of losing you as a friend. She is provoked to be passive instead of confronting the hurt.

3. She Pisses Off When Not Receiving Your Text Yet

For instance, you guys often talk daily, be it face to face or through phone calls or text messages, but as you have had your boyfriend, texting has been rarer than before. Instead of spending time on your best friend, you have to divide your time on your new significant other and your bestie altogether. This triggers a big argument between two of you due to you take longer time to text back.

4. You Are Not Invited To Gatherings

If you know that there have had gatherings between friends, but you were not invited, then there might be jealousy about your relationship. She seems to spend more time with other people, instead of you. This is a subtle signal among signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship. You miss out some important events in your circle of friends. You wonder why but things are not addressed even when times goes by and the distance between you and your friends is longer. This will become a misunderstanding over time if not addressed.
If you want to fix it, it is time to create gatherings and actively invite your friends.

5. You Hear Rumors About You Or Your Relationships That Are Not The Truth

True friends will not make up stories about you and your relationship for dramatic effects. If you have a friend who tries to spread rumors, you should evaluate your current friendship. She should not gossip and make up stores to make herself better. In such case, there are both jealousy and manipulation. While re-assessing your friendship, also allow her to know that her behaviors will not be rewarded.

6. She Does Not Appear And Stop Hanging Around You

Similar to the no.4 point in this article, if your friend disappears or stops hanging around you, you need to have her explanation, at least why she disappears. Besides, you may have to ask yourself whether or not your boyfriend is part of the problem, and if your friend is jealous of something special in your own life.

7. She Talks Behind Your Back

In regard to signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship, this is a little bit different from spreading rumors.

When the friend begins to talk behind your back or shares some of your relationship’s details, you may feel disrespectful and painful. You want to have a conversation with her and let her know what you think. That time, address the cause and stop it. Know that jealousy often derives from insecurities. Figure out if your friend is feeling rejected as you do not spend time for her?

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8. She Can’t Bear When Seeing Your Affections Shown In The Public

If your friend does not want to see your partner touches or kisses you in front of her, then it is one of subtle signs your best friend is jealous of your relationship. There are some reasons for this. Maybe, they feel left out as they do not have anybody to show that in their life. Or, some people tend to feel uncomfortable when seeing public displayed affections because it makes them feel as if they are witnessing an erotic state of voyeurism. For them, time and place for affection should be more private. Sometimes, it is about their insecurities.

9. She Comments About Everything

This is an easily skipped sign that your best friend is jealous of your relationship. Constant opinions or comments are considered worse than passive aggressive behavior. Once your friend comments about your boyfriend all the time, it implies that something deeper is brewing. She is jealous of your relationship and cannot help it. She might begin with some supportive opinions or comments first, then turn negative instantly.

Therefore, if your best friend starts to comment about everything that you share with her, especially related to your relationship, it is a big sign of jealousy. Put a stop to it. Starting a new relationship is hard, so you need to stop it otherwise you will have a recipe for disaster.  

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10. She Threatens To Reveal Your Secrets All The Time

The friendship between two of you gets worse when you even do not know whether or not your secrets are safe with her anymore. You are always afraid that she is going to make you embarrassed in front of other people some days because she resents about the time you spend with your partner.

11. She Says She Is “Just Kidding” When Throwing Digs At You

This sign your best friend is jealous of your relationship starts off as jokes or playful remarks. Then, it turns into the stage that you hear the venom in her jokes. Sometimes, you feel that her jokes are serious. For example, your boyfriend thinks that you are a bad kisser.

12. She Always Brings Up Your Exes When You Are With Your Boyfriend

Maybe, your best friend is trying to make your boyfriend uncomfortable when hearing about your exes. It is a subtle sign she is jealous of your relationship.

13. You Notice Her Flirting With Your Partner When You Are Not Looking

This behavior happens even when she hates his living guts, but she still does it with the aim to lure him out of the current relationship with you and prove that he is a player. If you catch him flirting with your best friend, almost surely you will break your relationship, right? But, be aware that if the flirting starts from your bestie and he just tries to be nice, it does not prove anything.

14. She Follows The Two Of You For The Whole Night

Your night date seems to be perfect until your friend shows up. This is not the first time she has done so and you start to get annoyed with her act. To deal with this problem, just simply to stop telling her about your plans of date. You could tell her about it after the date.